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Setting DSCP/QOS Byte on packets with Windows 7/8
Viewed 32107 times since October 10, 2013
Question I'm trying to set the DSCP byte on packets and am getting an error (and it doesn't work!). Solution Important note: The following information currently only applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter. Starting with... Read More
PingPlotter and MultiPing Legacy Releases
Viewed 16418 times since January 30, 2014
Question I'd like to download an older version of PingPlotter/MultiPing. How can I do this? Solution If you're not able to run the latest version of PingPlotter/MultiPing (whether it be that your maintenance has expired,... Read More
UDP and ICMP raw socket packets aren’t working
Viewed 11188 times since April 24, 2014
Question I'm using Windows 8, and I can't seem to get UDP/ICMP raw socket packets to work - what can I do to fix this? SolutionNote regarding PingPlotter: The following instructions currently apply to versions 4.12.0 and older. Two things... Read More
Problem Installing MultiPing or PingPlotter
Viewed 10362 times since January 14, 2012
Question I'm having problems installing one of your products. What's the solution? Solution All MultiPing and PingPlotter editions use Windows Installer and the "MSI" format to reliably install the software. Windows Installer is a shared... Read More
How do I get network alerts in a Slack channel?
Viewed 10316 times since May 1, 2015
Question I'd like to receive PingPlotter/MultiPing alerts via Slack so that I can keep my whole team notified of any network issues. Is there a way to do this? Solution With the REST call alert event in PingPlotter and... Read More
How do I get network alerts in a HipChat room?
Viewed 7841 times since May 4, 2015
Question I'd like to receive PingPlotter/MultiPing alerts via HipChat so that I can keep my whole team notified of any network issues. Is there a way to do this? Solution Unfortunately, Stride/HipChat services were discontinued on February 15,... Read More
Collecting a history of outages
Viewed 7082 times since February 17, 2012
Question I'd like to collect a history of outages to report to my provider. How can I do that? Solution PingPlotter was built for this, and there are several possibilities. Using PingPlotter's built-in collection, analysis, and display... Read More
How can I share PingPlotter data with others?
Viewed 6018 times since August 1, 2016
Question What's the best way to share the data collected by PingPlotter with my ISP/ASP/colleagues/friends? Solution PingPlotter 5's new "Share" feature provides a quick option to distribute your trace data to... Read More
Pruning legacy data from PingPlotter 5
Viewed 5396 times since July 22, 2016
THIS ONLY APPLIES TO INSTALLATIONS WITH A SESSIONS.PPDATA FILE Question Is there a way to prune data from legacy PingPlotter 5 data stores? Answer Yes! We're still plotting a way to build a data pruning option directly into PingPlotter ... Read More
Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Path 1
Viewed 5323 times since August 23, 2016
Question When I install PingPlotter, I'm not able to get it to run - a "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Path 1" prompt keeps coming up. What can I do to get things working? Answer This error comes up when there's not a system TEMP... Read More
Windows 10 and TCP Packet Types
Viewed 4293 times since March 9, 2016
Question TCP packet types don't seem to be working in PingPlotter when running on Windows 10. How can I fix this? Solution We've recently discovered that WinPcap (a necessity for PingPlotter to be able to utilize TCP packet types) isn'... Read More
Moving Data to a Newer PingPlotter Mac Version
Viewed 3983 times since August 15, 2016
Question I just updated to the newest PingPlotter for Mac version, and upon launch was prompted that "This version of the PingPlotter MacOS cannot use data created in a previous version." How can I get my trace data moved over to this new version?... Read More
Is there a way to get PingPlotter 5 to launch faster?
Viewed 3907 times since August 23, 2016
Question I've noticed that after updating to PingPlotter 5, the program takes longer to launch. Is there a way to speed this up? Solution Launch time is very important to us. We're regularly testing on a variety of machines (including a 10... Read More
Automated Data Cleanup (Legacy Data)
Viewed 3622 times since January 18, 2018
THIS ONLY APPLIES TO INSTALLATIONS WITH A SESSIONS.PPDATA FILE Overview We're currently hard at work to implement integrated data cleanup within the PingPlotter application, but in the meantime, we've created a standalone... Read More
Why doesn’t PingPlotter automatically save data all the time?
Viewed 2537 times since August 4, 2016
Question Sometimes I'll start a quick trace to a target, and then close down PingPlotter - only to find that it hasn't saved my trace data for that session! Why does the program seem to save some trace sessions, but not others? Solution ... Read More
Pruning Flex Storage Data from PingPlotter 5 - Windows Instructions
Viewed 2489 times since April 17, 2019
THE FOLLOWING ONLY APPLIES TO INSTALLATIONS USING FLEX STORAGE (.PPSAMPLE FILES) AND VERSIONS 5.8.1 AND NEWER Question My PingPlotter 5 data is getting pretty large. Is there a way on Windows to prune data from PingPlotter 5 Flex Storage? ... Read More
How do I cancel my PingPlotter subscription?
Viewed 2327 times since August 8, 2016
Question I have a monthly subscription for PingPlotter that I'm no longer using. How can I cancel my subscription before I'm billed again? Solution Subscription options are managed entirely through the Pingman Tools account... Read More
Saving Alert Data to Cloud Services
Viewed 2275 times since September 4, 2019
Question How can I save PingPlotter data and alerts to my online cloud drive automatically? Solution If the data from your PingPlotter alerts is an important part of your work or your network troubleshooting... Read More
Count Column Not Updating
Viewed 2235 times since March 13, 2019
QuestionMy Count column appears to be frozen. It's not incrementing; what's going on? SolutionAll the columns in the PingPlotter trace graph will reflect statistics only for the focus time (the time depicted in the Focus box). If it... Read More
PingPlotter’s font is too small to read on a high definition display
Viewed 2185 times since March 9, 2015
Question I just installed PingPlotter, but all of the text shows up as tiny on my HD display. Other programs seem to show up just fine. What can I do to make things readable? Solution Note: This article only applies to PingPlotter version 3.4... Read More
PingPlotter GUI Loading Blank
Viewed 1982 times since July 27, 2018
QuestionI just started up PingPlotter, and the GUI is all white. I can’t even submit a support ticket from it, and it looks like this. What’s going on? SolutionPingPlotter uses Windows Presentation Framework, and sometimes... Read More
Hops Coming Back with No Statistics
Viewed 1972 times since July 27, 2018
QuestionI’ve been running a trace off a remote agent and, for some reason, my trace is coming back with one or more hops lacking any statistics. Did I break something? SolutionNah, you didn’t break anything. If you issue a command... Read More
Modified installation to run as a service and data is missing
Viewed 1669 times since August 1, 2017
Question I changed my PingPlotter installation to run as a Windows Service, and now all of my settings and data are gone. How do I get them back? Answer Due to the differences in the way PingPlotter operates as a Windows Service and as a... Read More
PingPlotter Thinks it is an Expired Beta Build
Viewed 1315 times since November 27, 2018
Question When I launch PingPlotter, I’m presented with the following error: “The PingPlotter beta has ended. Check for a new beta here:” However, I am not using a beta build. How do I resolve this issue? ... Read More
Setting a workspace to load on startup with PingPlotter 5
Viewed 314 times since August 8, 2016
Question How do I set up PingPlotter 5 to automatically load a workspace on launch? Solution There are a few steps you can take to get PingPlotter to automatically load a specific workspace when the program launches. Once you've got... Read More
How to use PingPlotter Quick Trace Links
Viewed 62 times since June 22, 2020
Question Can I open traces in PingPlotter from a browser? Solution Yes you can! We call them PingPlotter Quick Trace Links and they allow you to use and share links that automatically start a trace to a specific endpoint, helping you... Read More