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"Connection Closed Gracefully" error when testing alerts.
Viewed 61923 times since February 4, 2011
Question When I test an email alert, I get a "Connection Closed Gracefully" error. What's the fix? Solution This is probably related to your virus scanner (we've seen it with Norton Antivirus, for example). You might have your virus... Read More
Socket error 10060 when testing an alert
Viewed 48732 times since April 27, 2005
Question I have filled in an SMTP server and I'm testing an alert, but whenever I click 'Test' in the alert setup, I get 'Socket error 10060'. What's wrong? Solution The 10060 error indicates a connection problem... Read More
Socket error 10053 when testing email alerts
Viewed 42296 times since January 14, 2005
Question I'm getting this error whenever I test an email alert: 'Socket error 10053 - Software caused connection abort'. What's causing this? Solution The 10053 error happens when PingPlotter or MultiPing is having problems... Read More
Socket error 11001 or 11004 when testing an alert
Viewed 29644 times since June 10, 2005
Question I am trying to setup auto email alert but get a 'Socket error 11001' when testing it. What's wrong? Solution The most common cause of this error in either PingPlotter or MultiPing is an invalid SMTP server specified. The... Read More
Socket error 10054 when testing email alerts.
Viewed 26750 times since July 11, 2008
QuestionI'm getting this error whenever I test an email alert: 'Socket error 10054 - connection reset by peer'. What's causing this?SolutionThis error happens when a connection is started (and working), but then closed by the other side of things... Read More
Generating a SNMP Trap from PingPlotter or MultiPing
Viewed 22831 times since August 24, 2004
Question Is there any way to generate a SNMP Trap message using the PingPlotter alert system? Solution Note regarding PingPlotter: The following instructions currently apply to versions 4.12.0 and older. Neither PingPlotter or MultiPing have the... Read More
Using SSL for sending alert emails.
Viewed 22442 times since February 9, 2007
Question I use Gmail, which requires STARTTLS (SSL) to send emails via their SMTP server. Is there any way to have PingPlotter and/or MultiPing send using STARTTLS? Solution Yes! Starting with version 3.40 of PingPlotter and 2.10.0 of MultiPing,... Read More
Socket Error 10061 when testing an alert
Viewed 12044 times since January 12, 2009
Question I'm getting a 'Socket Error # 10061, Connection refused' whenever I test email alerts. Solution The 10061 (Connection Refused) usually happens when the SMTP server refuses the connection from the client (PingPlotter or... Read More
Logging data to text file.
Viewed 10613 times since April 26, 2004
Question How do I log data to a live file as it is being collected? Solution Both MultiPing and PingPlotter can use the alert system to log live data (as it is being collected) to a text file. This technique requires setting up an alert with... Read More
Alerts not firing
Viewed 8826 times since October 15, 2003
Question When I set up an alert, it never seems to fire - although the 'Test' button sends me an e-mail just fine. Solution Once you've set up an alert, you have to attach the alert to the IP address you want to monitor. This gives you... Read More
Alerting on multiple targets / best practices.
Viewed 8692 times since July 6, 2009
Question I'm using PingPlotter Pro to monitor multiple targets. Is there any way to make configuring alerts on each target easier? Solution One of the main things we find that many people do with alerts is to create a separate alert for each... Read More
Alerting on packet loss
Viewed 7871 times since August 20, 2006
Question Can alerts be configured for packet loss? I see that alerts can be configured on latency, but don't see how to get alerted when packet loss happens. Solution You can absolutely alert on packet loss, which is one of the primary things... Read More
Email notifications to multiple people
Viewed 7338 times since October 15, 2003
Question Can I specify more than one e-mail address for an alert? Solution Yes, to specify more than one destination e-mail address for an alert, just separate the e-mail addresses by commas or semicolons. Example: Another possibility is to set up... Read More
Alert is firing, but sent data looks okay
Viewed 7076 times since December 27, 2005
Question I set an alert condition for an IP. The condition is to send an alert when there are 3 incidents over 2000ms in the last 6 pings. The max e-mail frequency is 30 minutes, and the duration to wait for worse condition is zero. However, I... Read More
Error "Parameters not configured for email alerts".
Viewed 6898 times since December 15, 2007
Question When going to the alerts editor (Edit -> Alerts), I'm getting an error 'Email parameters not configured for email alerts. Go to Edit -> Options... E-Mail to correct.' What's up? Solution Primary solution Email... Read More
Alerting when site is unreachable
Viewed 6892 times since December 10, 2008
Question I'd like to have PingPlotter notify me when my web site has network problems and becomes unreachable. Is that possible? Solution Absolutely! You can set up a PingPlotter (or MultiPing) alert to 'watch' a specific target and... Read More
Alert email data problems
Viewed 6618 times since October 15, 2003
Question I sometimes get alerts where the emailed data makes it seem like the alert shouldn't have fired. Why am I getting false alerts? Solution Check to make sure that your "Maximum samples to hold in memory" isn't set too low. If your... Read More
How can I get an alert on every hop in a route?
Viewed 2616 times since May 19, 2014
Question I've been seeing a lot of packet loss at intermediate hops. Is it possible to set up an alert on each intermediate hop in a route with PingPlotter? Solution There are very rarely any situations that would call for an alert to be set... Read More
Sending PingPlotter/MultiPing email alerts to a 3rd party
Viewed 1567 times since July 13, 2015
Question Can I use PingPlotter/MultiPing to automatically notify my provider of issues I'm having? Solution The only time you should direct an email alert from PingPlotter/MultiPing to a service provider is when they have explicitly... Read More
Subnet Masking Alert Conditions
Viewed 1177 times since September 1, 2017
Question I'd like to add a subnet mask to my Route Changed / IP Address in Route alert condition, but I'm unsure of how this will affect when the alert fires?  Answer Route Changed: When a subnet mask is applied to a ... Read More