About Maintenance

Receive automatic upgrades and priority support with a maintenance subscription.

Licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, it never expires.

A maintenance-based upgrade model is the best way for us to build our business and continually improve the software that helps you solve problems. If you are not interested in keeping an active maintenance plan, that's perfectly fine. Please continue using the PingPlotter you have as long as you like.

For those who desire the cutting edge, maintenance plans are the way to go. Subscribing to maintenance lets you download product updates the day they are released and includes additional perks (like priority support).

Keep scrolling to find out more about maintenance, or visit your account to manage subscriptions.

What is maintenance?

It's a subscription designed to get you more from PingPlotter!

  • Inclusive upgrades — Being on maintenance ensures your software is up to date for no additional charge.
  • Priority support — When you have problems, questions, or just want to say hi, support tickets are addressed before other tickets are dealt with.
  • Perpetual desktop licenses — Not purchasing upgrades or maintenance does not prevent you from using already purchased software versions.
  • Cross-platform entitlement — Any license can access any platform of the same edition.
  • No cost PingPlotter Mobile Power-Up Pack — The Mobile Power-Up Pack enables longer timelines, community data loading, audio alerts, and more. Features are available as long as maintenance is active. Perpetual access is available through the $4.99 App Store upgrade. See the knowledge base article for activation instructions.
  • Our deepest gratitude — The more you invest in us the better we can deliver awesome products. Thank you for the continued support!

How to check maintenance status?

Visit your account and view the license card.

Click on the plus in the top-right corner to expand the license card. This will show your maintenance status.

Expired maintenance prevents the download of new versions released while maintenance was expired. Extending maintenance or upgrading enables the download of versions released while maintenance was expired.

What determines maintenance status?

It depends on when the license was purchased.

If your license was:

  • Purchased within one year — New licenses include one year of maintenance. If you purchased within the past year, your maintenance plan is active and you can download new versions at no additional charge.
  • Purchased outside of one year — If a license was purchased more than one year ago, the initial maintenance period is expired until an extension or an upgrade is purchased.

Do I extend maintenance or upgrade?

The choice depends on when maintenance expired.

You can extend maintenance at any time within a year of your expiration date. When maintenance is extended, another year is added from the point of expiration. After a year, the maintenance extension option is replaced by an upgrade option. Example: If maintenance is renewed six months after expiration, renewing maintenance back-fills six months and adds six months into the future.

Upgrades are available after a product is off maintenance for more than one year. When a product is upgraded, all released versions become available and maintenance is extended one year into the future from the date of purchase. Example: If maintenance expired on 1/1/2017 and is upgraded on 3/22/2018, the upgrade will provide access to currently-released product versions and extend maintenance one year into the future. Maintenance would now extend to 3/22/2019.

Product PingPlotter Standard MultiPing MaP Bundle PingPlotter Professional
Maintenance $9.99 $9.99 19.98 $87.25
Upgrade $19.99 $19.99 $39.98 $174.50

Ready for action?

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