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Hops Coming Back with No Statistics


I’ve been running a trace off a remote agent and, for some reason, my trace is coming back with one or more hops lacking any statistics. Did I break something?


Nah, you didn’t break anything.

If you issue a command line traceroute to the same destination, you’ll probably end up with results that say “<1 ms” on the same hops. PingPlotter’s remote agent is getting this “<1 ms” result back, and it’s getting a little confused on if it should actually report it. For this reason, it simply isn’t drawing a line on the timeline graph. Despite this, the statistics in the trace grid are likely accurate.

This behavior was recently discovered with classic remote agents. The remote agents could handle these types of statistics a little differently, so we started developing CloudConnect — a different, new way of remote data gathering. Right now, CloudConnect is in beta. If you’re on active maintenance and would like to give it a try, you can download the beta build from your account.

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