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Troubleshooting iRacing latency/quality problems.
Viewed 81567 times since October 2, 2009
Question I often have network problems in iRacing. The lag indicator will show high latency, or the quality indicator shows problems. How do I find the source of the problem? Solution Of course, you were 1/2 lap ahead 45 minutes into a... Read More
How do I pinpoint the problem?
Viewed 66034 times since November 14, 2005
Question What kind of conditions should I be looking for in PingPlotter? I get occasional timeouts in applications I'm using - how do I know what's causing those problems? Solution Ideally, you're looking to correlate a performance... Read More
All intermediate hops show 100% packet loss
Viewed 49930 times since August 23, 2004
Question My route is 11 hops long, but hops 1-10 show 100% packet loss (and no IP Address or DNS Names) and only the final destination shows anything. What's causing this? Solution The final destination reports back with an ICMP echo reply,... Read More
Destination Unreachable
Viewed 49007 times since October 15, 2003
Question Why do traces to some sites always return 'Destination Address Unreachable'. I can connect to that site fine with Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome! Solution One of the routers used between you and the destination site is not... Read More
How do I set up PingPlotter to use TCP packets?
Viewed 46228 times since November 23, 2005
Question The target I'm tracing to doesn't respond in PingPlotter, but it works just fine in my browser. Is there any way to access it? Solution By default, PingPlotter uses ICMP echo requests - which are sometimes blocked by target... Read More
Blank / missing hop (Router)
Viewed 44338 times since October 15, 2003
Question Why do I sometimes see blank lines in the graph display? There's a hop number but no IP address, etc. listed. Solution The absence of an IP address (and 100% packet loss) for a specific hop means that no router has responded for that... Read More
All hops show 100% packet loss
Viewed 38439 times since May 8, 2004
Question When I try to trace to a destination with PingPlotter, and I get "Destination Address Unreachable" at hop #1. How do I correct this situation? Solution With the advent of internet security threats, many firewalls lock down all outgoing... Read More
Should I trust my PingPlotter results? (Definitely)
Viewed 37809 times since September 14, 2005
Question I sent my PingPlotter graphs and information to our network administrators and they responded that traceroute is not an accurate way of troubleshooting networks. They say that the first slow hop is the weakest link and invalidates any other... Read More
Initial hop(s) 100% packet loss
Viewed 32827 times since October 15, 2003
Question Why does hop 1 (or any number of initial hops) lose packets 100% of the time? Solution Often your local router/modem just doesn't respond to ICMP requests (more specifically, it doesn't create ICMP TTL Expired packets). This... Read More
Time graph packet loss height
Viewed 31305 times since October 30, 2003
Question Why do the red "packet loss" lines have different vertical heights on the graph? Solution Each "pixel" in the time-graph is comprised of anywhere from 1 to many samples. When you're looking at 5 minutes of data in a Timeline Graph, any... Read More
Long term monitoring and auto-saving of data.
Viewed 29545 times since April 29, 2005
Question I'd like to configure PingPlotter to run continously. Are there any guidelines on how to configure PingPlotter to auto-save data? Solution Note: The following information applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter. Version 5... Read More
PingPlotter doesn’t match command line ping
Viewed 28681 times since January 4, 2005
Question A 'pure ping' (command line) using -t switch shows no problems, but PingPlotter shows many packet losses. What would cause that? Solution First, make sure that you’re comparing the results from the final destination of... Read More
Exporting / analysis in Excel
Viewed 28567 times since October 21, 2003
Question How do I export data from PingPlotter into Excel, and then see the average times and packet loss? Solution PingPlotter allows you to export data to a text file (File -> Export to text file), which you can then import into a... Read More
Aliasing / labeling an IP Address
Viewed 28522 times since January 20, 2004
Question Can I associate a 'friendly name' with an IP Address? The automatic name doesn't really help identify a target. Solution Yes, you can! Both PingPlotter and MultiPing offer a mechanism for associating a friendly name with an... Read More
Moving PingPlotter to a new machine.
Viewed 28451 times since March 19, 2008
Question I'm moving PingPlotter to a new machine. What do I need to move? Solution Depending on how you're using PingPlotter and what platform you’re on, there are a few possible files and configurations that need to be moved.... Read More
PingPlotter port use
Viewed 27898 times since February 16, 2005
Question I need to configure my firewall to not block PingPlotter data. Which ports do I need to open? Solution PingPlotter's port use varies depending on the packet type. We'll discuss the 3 primary packet types and the ports / protocols... Read More
Slow first ping, faster following
Viewed 27165 times since January 4, 2005
Question The first ping that I send somewhere is always slow the first time, then every subsequent time it is significantly better (the first hop is really fast; its the first ping that is slow). My first pings run 300-500 ms, then subsequent ones... Read More
Running behind a proxy server
Viewed 23541 times since October 15, 2003
Question I'm using a proxy server. Why can't I see anything beyond the proxy server with PingPlotter? Solution If your internet connection is being shared through a traditional proxy server (which is becoming less and less popular since... Read More
Using PingPlotter to troubleshoot World of Warcraft
Viewed 21275 times since March 28, 2009
Question I'm having lag in World of Warcraft. How do I find my server, and how do I trace to it? Solution PingPlotter can trace to World of Warcraft servers! Here are some tips and links on how to make that work. Finding your server's IP... Read More
Exporting data
Viewed 19365 times since October 15, 2003
Question When I export to a text file, some lines end with * - which seems to mean no response. I also get a few that end with N/A. What does that mean? Solution The * indicates a lost packet. The N/A means that that router wasn't participating... Read More
Troubleshooting VPNs with PingPlotter
Viewed 19201 times since August 13, 2004
Question Can PingPlotter be used to troubleshoot problems in a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? Solution PingPlotter primary purpose is to troubleshoot network bottlenecks, and a VPN bottleneck is definitely one that many people have used PingPlotter... Read More
Gray periods in the timeline graph.
Viewed 18431 times since August 23, 2004
Question I have gray periods in the timeline graph. What does that mean? Solution A gray (ie: background) period in a time graph means that PingPlotter didn't expect any data from that host during that timeframe (think "disabled"). There... Read More
Destination Address Unreachable with dial-up modem
Viewed 18298 times since November 24, 2003
Question I have both a cable modem (ethernet interface) and dialup connection. PingPlotter works great on the cable modem connection but I can't get it to work on a dial up connection. I know it's working because I can browse the net with... Read More
Does PingPlotter work in a virtual machine environment?
Viewed 17423 times since June 5, 2014
Question Can I run PingPlotter in a virtual machine environment such as Parallels, or VMware? Answer Absolutely! We've tested our products pretty thoroughly in both Parallels, and VMware - without any sort of issues. That being said - some... Read More
Tracing to multiple destinations
Viewed 16554 times since October 15, 2003
Question I would like to use PingPlotter Standard to monitor more than one destination. Is that possible? Solution If you're running version 4, any one instance of PingPlotter Standard can only trace to a single destination. If you'... Read More
Changing a target name
Viewed 16458 times since February 4, 2009
Question When I trace to a target (usually by entering an IP address), it shows up with a name that isn't very helpful. Is there any way to change that? Solution Yup. There are several possibilities here. When entering the target IP address,... Read More
PingPlotter Standard as a service with FireDaemon
Viewed 16430 times since February 11, 2008
Question I'd like to have PingPlotter Standard running continuously - even when I'm not logged in. Is this possible? Solution PingPlotter Pro runs natively as a Windows Service (for more details, see here), but PingPlotter... Read More
Router problems with outstanding requests.
Viewed 16332 times since December 15, 2003
Question My router is showing odd packet loss numbers that TRACERT doesn't show. I've heard of problems with this router servicing multiple oustanding ICMP echo requests. How can I configure PingPlotter to only do one oustanding packet at a... Read More
Problems with ESET Security Suite 4.0
Viewed 15721 times since June 9, 2009
Question I just installed ESET Security Suite 4.0, and now PingPlotter (and/or MultiPing) won't work. What do I need to do to fix this? Solution There are several solutions to this problem. ESET doesn't like the extra 'padding' we... Read More
What does "New route changes logged" mean?
Viewed 15241 times since November 16, 2006
Question I'm seeing a message on the left that shows 'New Route Changes Logged'. What does that mean? SolutionImportant note: The following information currently only applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter. PingPlotter... Read More
TCP Packets are not working well.
Viewed 14872 times since November 22, 2005
Question I'm using TCP packets and I'm having some problems. What settings should I use? Solution Packet Size Native TCP SYN packets are 40 bytes. PingPlotter allows you to manipulate this and create larger packets, but these... Read More
Ping times - should they add up?
Viewed 14581 times since October 15, 2003
Question The ping times don't always seem to add up logically to me. For example, I commonly see the average time for a single hop being longer than the total return trip number. This doesn't make sense to me. Solution The latencies ... Read More
Different sources show different results at same target.
Viewed 13179 times since January 4, 2005
Question A colleague and I are pinging the same website from different locations (geographically, we are about 30 miles apart, both pinging a server about 1500 miles away) at 15-second intervals. Oddly, I will show a whole spurt of packets dropped... Read More
Why am I seeing route changes?
Viewed 11880 times since December 27, 2005
Question Why am I seeing continual route changes when I run PingPlotter? There also are 10-50% packet loses on various hops. This doesn't seem to manifest itself when I download files. I am connected to Qwest DSL via a Cisco 678 router. ... Read More
Problems sending emails from PingPlotter’s file menu
Viewed 11769 times since December 28, 2009
Question I'm trying to send an email via the PingPlotter File -> Send Email option, but I'm getting errors. (General MAPI failure, MAPI Error, etc). Solution It sounds like you probably don't have an email client installed... Read More
Opening .pp2 files generated by PingPlotter version 4 in older versions of the program
Viewed 11658 times since April 17, 2015
Solution In order to accommodate some new features like IPv6 compatibility and unicode character support, PingPlotter version 4 creates .pp2 files a bit differently than older versions of the program. Older versions of the program can'... Read More
Some columns not visible on trace graph.
Viewed 11651 times since December 27, 2005
Question How do I set up the trace graph so I can see the average, maximum, minimum, packet loss percentage, etc? I had them visible once and now I seem to have lost them. Solution Do a mouse 'right-click' anywhere on the upper graph... Read More
Where do I start?
Viewed 11133 times since October 14, 2003
Question I have PingPlotter installed. Now what do I do? I don't have a clue how to get started. Solution The first place you should look is our getting started guide which has an introduction to use, plus hands-on examples and exercises to... Read More
Auto-saving of images
Viewed 10603 times since October 15, 2003
Question Can I auto-save graph images from PingPlotter for use on a web page, for FTP transfer, etc.? Solution Note: The following information currently applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter. Yes, PingPlotter supports saving of images... Read More
Identifying culprits by correlating PingPlotter "problem" patterns with network use.
Viewed 6694 times since January 24, 2014
Question I'm consistently seeing network problems on the first hop, which is inside my provider's network. How do I know what's causing it? Solution (Note that this might apply to hop 2, 3 or 4 - if it's the first hop inside your... Read More
Troubleshooting Packet Loss Across all hops
Viewed 5960 times since October 9, 2020
Question I am seeing packet loss at all hops. Where do I even start? Solution There are a few different issues that could be generating this result. First, it may be an issue that starts at your first hop (often your router) and goes... Read More