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Authentication Error when Connecting to Email Server


I get an authentication error when I attempt to connect to my email server, but I know for sure I've used the right username and password. What am I doing wrong?


You're most likely doing nothing wrong. There are two main reasons why you could be running into an the error here:
  1. 2-Factor Authentication is enabled on your account.
  2. Some email services (like Gmail) no longer allow 3rd party applications to authenticate your account using only your username and password.
Luckily there is a simple solution that solves both problems: App Passwords.

An App Password is a random, long, unique password that can only be used in a single application, like PingPlotter. Below you'll find instructions on how to create an App Password for specific services.

After creating your App Password, paste it into the SMTP Server Password field instead of your normal password. And voila! You should be all set from here!

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