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"Connection Closed Gracefully" error when testing alerts.


When I test an email alert, I get a "Connection Closed Gracefully" error. What's the fix?


This is probably related to your virus scanner (we've seen it with Norton Antivirus, for example). You might have your virus scanner set up to watch port 25, and for some reason it's disconnecting the conversation between PingPlotter and the SMTP server.

There are a few possible solutions:

  • If your SMTP server responds on a port besides 25, try using that (2525 is a popular one).
  • Try disabling your Antivirus software's SMTP checking. If that fixes things, see if there's a way to allow PingPlotter through.
  • Make sure your SMTP server setup is right in Edit -> Options.
  • Set up a Gmail account and use that with SSL (we have instructions on that).
  • If you have control of your SMTP server, make sure it's not blocking access by the PingPlotter computer.

We've also occasionally seen this error when the SMTP server was having issues (being rebooted, shut down, or other similar problems), so if it normally works, then try again later.

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