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Sending PingPlotter/MultiPing email alerts to a 3rd party


Can I use PingPlotter/MultiPing to automatically notify my provider of issues I'm having?


The only time you should direct an email alert from PingPlotter/MultiPing to a service provider is when they have explicitly instructed you to do so.

We vigorously discourage sending any type of automated alert to any sort of network provider without permission (even one that you may have a pre-existing relationship with). This type of action could potentially result in your provider discrediting the information you're sending them and may end up in them ignoring your future support requests.

When you send events with PingPlotter/MultiPing, you're using your own email account, and your network address(es). It's likely your provider will recognize this and get upset at you (and sending these messages anonymously doesn't accomplish anything productive). For best results, we always recommend providing your provider with well-thought-out assertions complete with PingPlotter proof to help solidify your case. Automated email alert messages can be counterproductive to your cause (anyone ever heard about the boy that cried wolf..?).

Furthermore, the practice of sending automated email alerts to a provider can make the process of reaching out to a provider for help even more difficult for a PingPlotter/MultiPing user who has taken the time to build a strong case on their issue. This makes the world of network troubleshooting a bit worse for everyone involved (and getting a network issue solved can prove a stressful enough endeavor as it is).

If you're experiencing a network issue, and are having trouble getting your provider to take action, we have several pieces of documentation that go over some best practices for overcoming this. Be sure to check out the "Building a compelling case" section of our Getting Started Guide or our "How to Troubleshoot and Solve Your Network Problem" guide. If you should find yourself with any questions or needing any guidance, you can always reach out to our support team at as well.

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