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Do you accept purchase orders/checks/wire transfers?
Viewed 36213 times since October 13, 2014
Question I'm trying to purchase a license for one of your products, but I only see options to pay with a credit card or PayPal. Do you accept any alternate payment methods? Solution Absolutely! All of our purchase order, wire transfer, and check... Read More
If I have an active maintenance plan, how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS?
Viewed 28928 times since July 29, 2015
Question I have a PingPlotter license that has an active maintenance plan - how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS? Solution One of the perks of having an active maintenance plan is full access to PingPlotter iOS (including all of the... Read More
Ordering via telephone
Viewed 23745 times since August 8, 2011
Question My company policy does not allow me to purchase online. Do you accept telephone orders? Solution Absolutely! You're not alone on the "no credit cards online" policy. To order via telephone, via our payment processor, BlueSnap, follow... Read More
How do I find the license key I’m currently using?
Viewed 20377 times since April 21, 2015
Question I've got PingPlotter/MultiPing installed and need to find my license key. How can I do this? Solution Usually, the easiest way to find your license key is via the original email that was sent out when you purchased one of our... Read More
Do you accept wire transfers?
Viewed 19943 times since November 22, 2005
Question Our corporate accounting department only pays via wire transfers. Can we pay that way, and what is your bank account information? Solution All of our wire transfer payments are handled through our payment partner - FastSpring. This order... Read More
Is maintenance required to run PingPlotter/MultiPing?
Viewed 17057 times since October 15, 2003
Question If my maintenance is expired, can I continue to use PingPlotter/MultiPing? Solution First, licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, it does not "expire". New license purchases come with one year of included maintenance - which... Read More
Lost license key
Viewed 13463 times since October 18, 2003
Question I've lost my license key. Is there any way I can recover it? Solution The easiest way to get your license key (registration code) is by logging into your account page. Once logged in, you should see a summary of all licenses you have... Read More
How do I change the user name on license key?
Viewed 12042 times since October 15, 2003
Question I've just purchased a license key, but I'd rather have the company name on that key rather than my name. What should I do? Solution Although we show a recommended username on your license key (based on the information entered when... Read More
Invalid license key
Viewed 11975 times since July 13, 2010
Question I'm getting an 'Invalid license key' error. Solution Evaluation versions of PingPlotter Standard, Pro and MultiPing all have licensing encouragement after a period of time. This reminder usually has two buttons - 'Enter... Read More
Volume license pricing
Viewed 11910 times since October 23, 2003
Question Do you have volume license discounts or site licenses for PingPlotter and MultiPing? Solution Yes, we do. Please check our pricing schedule at for quantity and site license pricing for PingPlotter... Read More
License key needed error.
Viewed 11832 times since July 29, 2010
Question I keep getting the error message 'You need to enter a user name and license key.' Solution MultiPing, PingPlotter Standard and PingPlotter Pro all use license 'reminder' dialogs to encourage you to purchase a license.... Read More
How many licenses do I need?
Viewed 9879 times since September 14, 2015
Question How many PingPlotter/MultiPing licenses do I need to stay within the terms of Pingman Tools' licensing agreement? Answer The amount of licenses a user may need depends entirely upon their intended... Read More
Pingman Tools W9
Viewed 9795 times since June 7, 2011
Question We need a W9 to pay you. Do you have one available? Solution Absolutely. If you have an invoice from Pingman Tools, LLC that you've already paid (usually by check) or need to pay, you can find a copy of our W9 right here. One word... Read More
Managing PingPlotter Licenses
Viewed 8721 times since June 28, 2018
Managing PingPotter licenses, whether it’s a single copy for yourself or a group of keys for an IT department, can be done from the PingPlotter account page. On the account page, you will find a card containing your license information.... Read More
Downloading Entitled Builds
Viewed 8140 times since July 23, 2018
QuestionI need to install PingPlotter on an offline machine. How do I get my license onto it? SolutionFirst, you'll need to get into your account (or have an administrator get in for you) using the email associated with the license. ... Read More
Should I have received a new license key after upgrading/renewing maintenance?
Viewed 5163 times since November 16, 2015
Question I just upgraded/renewed the maintenance on my license - do I need a new license key to run the program? Solution When you process an upgrade or a maintenance renewal on a license you own, the process actually upgrades/renews the... Read More
PingPlotter Maintenance Not Updating
Viewed 3208 times since July 24, 2018
QuestionI just renewed my maintenance, and PingPlotter is still claiming it's expired. What gives? SolutionUsually, this happens either because the machine doesn't have internet access, or because the maintenance date has been... Read More