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If I have an active maintenance plan, how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS?
Viewed 28447 times since July 29, 2015
Question I have a PingPlotter license that has an active maintenance plan - how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS? Solution One of the perks of having an active maintenance plan is full access to PingPlotter iOS (including all of the... Read More
PingPlotter and MultiPing Legacy Releases
Viewed 20412 times since January 30, 2014
Question I'd like to download an older version of PingPlotter/MultiPing. How can I do this? Solution If you're not able to run the latest version of PingPlotter/MultiPing (whether it be that your maintenance has expired,... Read More
How do I find the license key I’m currently using?
Viewed 20118 times since April 21, 2015
Question I've got PingPlotter/MultiPing installed and need to find my license key. How can I do this? Solution Usually, the easiest way to find your license key is via the original email that was sent out when you purchased one of our... Read More
Is maintenance required to run PingPlotter/MultiPing?
Viewed 16974 times since October 15, 2003
Question If my maintenance is expired, can I continue to use PingPlotter/MultiPing? Solution First, licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, it does not "expire". New license purchases come with one year of included maintenance - which... Read More
How do I change the user name on license key?
Viewed 11981 times since October 15, 2003
Question I've just purchased a license key, but I'd rather have the company name on that key rather than my name. What should I do? Solution Although we show a recommended username on your license key (based on the information entered when... Read More
How many licenses do I need?
Viewed 9776 times since September 14, 2015
Question How many PingPlotter/MultiPing licenses do I need to stay within the terms of Pingman Tools' licensing agreement? Answer The amount of licenses a user may need depends entirely upon their intended... Read More
MultiPing - How many licenses?
Viewed 9401 times since June 20, 2011
Question I'd like to install MultiPing on two different computers, 1 monitoring 50 targets, the other 250. How many licenses do I need? Solution MultiPing is licensed per install, and a single install can monitor any number of targets (we... Read More