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PingPlotter and MultiPing Legacy Releases
Viewed 12540 times since January 30, 2014
Question I'd like to download an older version of PingPlotter/MultiPing. How can I do this? Solution If you're not able to run the latest version of PingPlotter/MultiPing (whether it be that your maintenance has expired,... Read More
Is maintenance required to run PingPlotter/MultiPing?
Viewed 8968 times since October 15, 2003
Question If my maintenance is expired, can I continue to use PingPlotter/MultiPing? Solution First, licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, it does not "expire". New license purchases come with one year of included maintenance - which... Read More
How do I change the user name on license key?
Viewed 7648 times since October 15, 2003
Question I've just purchased a license key, but I'd rather have the company name on that key rather than my name. What should I do? Solution Although we show a recommended user name on your license key (based on the information... Read More
If I have an active maintenance plan, how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS?
Viewed 6253 times since July 29, 2015
Question I have a PingPlotter license that has an active maintenance plan - how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS? Solution One of the perks of having an active maintenance plan is full access to PingPlotter iOS (including all of the... Read More
MultiPing - How many licenses?
Viewed 4460 times since June 20, 2011
Question I'd like to install MultiPing on two different computers, 1 monitoring 50 targets, the other 250. How many licenses do I need? Solution MultiPing is licensed per install, and a single install can monitor any number of targets (we... Read More
How do I find the license key I’m currently using?
Viewed 4321 times since April 21, 2015
Question I've got PingPlotter/MultiPing installed - and need to find my license key. How can I do this? Solution Usually, the easiest way to find your license key is via the original email that was sent out when you purchased one... Read More
How many licenses do I need?
Viewed 1880 times since September 14, 2015
Question How many PingPlotter/MultiPing licenses do I need to stay within the terms of Pingman Tools' licensing agreement? Answer The amount of licenses a user may need depends entirely upon their intended... Read More