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What is Jitter?
Viewed 175728 times since January 6, 2006
Question I see that PingPlotter Pro shows a 'Jttr' (short for Jitter) column and graph. What is that used for? Solution Jitter is the amount of variation in latency/response time, in milliseconds. Reliable connections consistently report... Read More
How is MOS calculated in PingPlotter Pro?
Viewed 104699 times since November 23, 2005
Question PingPlotter Pro now has an 'MOS' column and alert. How is MOS calculated in PingPlotter? Solution MOS (mean opinion score) is a voice call quality metric. It is used by the VoIP industry to put a number on voice quality. In... Read More
Setting DSCP/QOS Byte on packets with Windows 7/8
Viewed 38327 times since October 10, 2013
Question I'm trying to set the DSCP byte on packets and am getting an error (and it doesn't work!). Solution Important note: The following information currently only applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter. Starting with... Read More
Reporting with PingPlotter Pro
Viewed 26656 times since September 1, 2006
Question What is the best way to report on data that's been collected by PingPlotter Pro? Solution PingPlotter Pro can collect a lot of data, and you might want to report on data you've collected over time (see this article for help on long... Read More
Running PingPlotter Pro as a Windows service
Viewed 23064 times since December 6, 2010
Question I'm trying to run PingPlotter Pro as a service under Windows 8. It seems to start OK, but I can't see it running. How do I access it? Solution Note: The following information currently applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of... Read More
Specifying which network interface to use.
Viewed 19031 times since March 18, 2006
Question I have multiple network cards on my computer. Is there any way to target one specific interface using PingPlotter (or maybe different ones when tracing to different targets)? Solution Yes! PingPlotter Pro version 5.5.8 introduced support for... Read More
Scheduling start/stop of PingPlotter Pro tracing
Viewed 18990 times since March 9, 2006
Question Is there any way to set up PingPlotter Pro to start tracing at a certain time during the day (7:00 am, say) and stop tracing later (22:00/10:00 pm)? Solution PingPlotter Pro does not have a scheduler built in, but you can use the Windows... Read More
Errors when running Kaspersky Antivirus
Viewed 16338 times since March 29, 2007
Question When I start PingPlotter Pro, I'm getting a 'Alert Condition - MOS: The requested object is not found : WScriptScriptFullNameWSH' error. How do I solve this? Solution Note: This knowledgebase article only applies to... Read More
Read only access to web interface
Viewed 15645 times since October 1, 2012
Question I love the web interface, but I'd love to give access to it without the ability to add/delete targets or change settings. Is it possible? Solution Important PingPlotter Professional's features will be adjusted for new purchasers... Read More
Problem Installing MultiPing or PingPlotter
Viewed 15418 times since January 14, 2012
Question I'm having problems installing one of your products. What's the solution? Solution All MultiPing and PingPlotter editions use Windows Installer and the "MSI" format to reliably install the software. Windows Installer is a shared... Read More
"Couldn’t create PingPlotter Object" error with PingPlotter Pro Web Interface using IIS
Viewed 12701 times since September 4, 2007
Question I'm trying to get the PingPlotter Pro Web Interface to work with IIS, and I'm getting this error: "The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object." How do I fix this?... Read More
Can PingPlotter’s web server have different logins for multiple users?
Viewed 9216 times since June 18, 2014
Question I have multiple users that access the PingPlotter web interface. Is it possible to set up a different username and password for each one? Solution Important PingPlotter Professional's features will be adjusted for new purchasers... Read More
Creating a reverse proxy for PingPlotter’s Web UI
Viewed 3897 times since September 12, 2018
Question I've been running the PingPlotter Web UI, and I am hoping to set up access via a reverse proxy. How can I do this? Solution Important PingPlotter Professional's features will be adjusted for new purchasers starting July... Read More
Creating a Unified Write Filter exclusion for Cloud Agents
Viewed 2408 times since October 9, 2020
Question How do I deploy a Cloud Agent to a device using Windows’ Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature? Solution Deploying a Cloud Agent on a device with UWF enabled requires adding specific folders to the UWF exclusion list. To add... Read More
Gray areas appearing in Cloud Agent Timeline Graphs
Viewed 2248 times since August 30, 2020
Question I'm seeing gray lines in Timeline Graphs on a Cloud Agent. What's going on? Solution Gray periods appear when an Agent is not expecting a response from the machine. Here is a list of common things that might cause gray... Read More