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Read only access to web interface


I love the web interface, but I'd love to give access to it without the ability to add/delete targets or change settings. Is it possible?


Important note: The following information currently only applies to versions 4.12.0 and older of PingPlotter.


This is an advanced topic and should be done only by experienced users.

There is a setting in the "Default.asp" file that will switch the user interface to read-only. The fastest / easiest way to turn the web interface to read-only is to use your favorite text editor and edit the file (Program Files)/PingPlotter Pro/www/Default.asp/www/Default.asp. Near the beginning of this file is a constant called "EDITING_ALLOWED" - change that to False.

On some operating systems, you may need to change the permissions on this file/folder to allow editing before you edit it.

Once you do this, all access to the web interface will be read-only.

Updating to the latest version of PingPlotter or reinstalling will overwrite this change, so you'll need to re-do it if you upgrade.

Even more advanced...

The read-only method doesn't give you access read/write, which you might want. You can set up an alternate page to do read-only.

Make a copy of the default.asp script in the PingPlotter Pro www directory and use that for your editable interface. For this example, we'll call it "default_admin.asp" Now, edit your default.asp file to set it to read-only view (you'll see a constant near the beginning for "EDITING_ALLOWED" - set that to false).

Now, your standard view people will get read-only views. We still need to add your read-write page / view, though. The web interface in PingPlotter Pro must have all its pages explicitly defined, so let's go add that.

  • Go to Edit->Options, Web Server
  • In the "Served File List", hit "Add".
  • For HTTP name, enter "/default_admin.asp" (no quotes, but the slash is required).
  • For local file, enter "default_admin.asp+" (no quotes, the + is required to tell PingPlotter Pro to parse this script).

OK, so now if you access http://(your web server:port)/default_admin.asp, you'll get a read-write web interface.

For more security (or obscurity, as the case may be), you can change "HTTP name" to be more obscure. If you change the "HTTP name" to "admin_editable_tri34a23", then you'll be able to access this page with the URL: http://(your web server:port)/admin_editable_tri34a23 - you can change it occasionally if you think someone's doing something they shouldn't. Note that it doesn't need to have an .asp extension - you can use anything you like.

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