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Creating a Unified Write Filter exclusion for Cloud Agents


How do I deploy a Cloud Agent to a device using Windows’ Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature?


Deploying a Cloud Agent on a device with UWF enabled requires adding specific folders to the UWF exclusion list.

To add the Agent to the exclusion list

  • Log into the device as an Administrator
  • Open the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges and execute the following commands:
    uwfmgr.exe file add-exclusion "%programdata%\PingPlotter 5"
    uwfmgr.exe file add-exclusion "%localappdata%\PingPlotter 5"
    uwfmgr.exe file add-exclusion "C:\Program Files (x86)\PingPlotter 5"
  • Restart the device

If you need to create exclusions for multiple devices, it is possible to create a batch file with these commands to bulk-add exclusions. Instructions can be found here.

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