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Generating a SNMP Trap from PingPlotter or MultiPing
Viewed 36064 times since August 24, 2004
Question Is there any way to generate an SNMP Trap message using the PingPlotter alert system? Solution Neither PingPlotter or MultiPing have the ability to natively generate an SNMP Trap message, but both programs have the ability to launch an... Read More
Time graph packet loss height
Viewed 31305 times since October 30, 2003
Question Why do the red "packet loss" lines have different vertical heights on the graph? Solution Each "pixel" in the time-graph is comprised of anywhere from 1 to many samples. When you're looking at 5 minutes of data in a Timeline Graph, any... Read More
Aliasing / labeling an IP Address
Viewed 28522 times since January 20, 2004
Question Can I associate a 'friendly name' with an IP Address? The automatic name doesn't really help identify a target. Solution Yes, you can! Both PingPlotter and MultiPing offer a mechanism for associating a friendly name with an... Read More
MultiPing as a service with FireDaemon
Viewed 21593 times since January 18, 2005
Question I'd like to have MultiPing running continuously - even when I'm not logged in. Is this possible? Solution MultiPing runs natively as a Microsoft Window application, not as a service. This means that you need to be logged into... Read More
PingPlotter and MultiPing Legacy Releases
Viewed 20666 times since January 30, 2014
Question I'd like to download an older version of PingPlotter/MultiPing. How can I do this? Solution If you're not able to run the latest version of PingPlotter/MultiPing (whether it be that your maintenance has expired,... Read More
Logging data to text file.
Viewed 19051 times since April 26, 2004
Question How do I log data to a live file as it is being collected? Solution You can use PingPlotter’s alert system to log live data (as it is being collected) to a text file. This technique requires setting up an alert with an event to "Log to... Read More
Alerts not firing
Viewed 18189 times since October 15, 2003
Question When I set up an alert, it never seems to fire even though the 'Test' button sends me an e-mail just fine. Solution Once you create an alert, it must be attached it to the IP address or DNS name you want to monitor. This gives... Read More
How do I get network alerts in a Slack channel?
Viewed 16142 times since May 1, 2015
Question I'd like to receive PingPlotter/MultiPing alerts via Slack so that I can keep my whole team notified of any network issues. Is there a way to do this? Solution With the REST call alert event in PingPlotter and... Read More
Saving data with MultiPing
Viewed 15928 times since April 17, 2004
Question Is there any way to save the data collected in MultiPing? Solution MultiPing, by itself, doesn't have any option of saving data - either automatically or manually. Well ... that's not quite true. You can log data to a text file,... Read More
Problem Installing MultiPing or PingPlotter
Viewed 15418 times since January 14, 2012
Question I'm having problems installing one of your products. What's the solution? Solution All MultiPing and PingPlotter editions use Windows Installer and the "MSI" format to reliably install the software. Windows Installer is a shared... Read More
Command Line parameters in MultiPing
Viewed 15174 times since January 10, 2006
Question Does MultiPing have any options to start pinging targets from the command line? Solution MultiPing does have a few options that can be used on the command line: Loading a workspace. You can load a workspace file from the command line by... Read More
How do I get network alerts in a HipChat room?
Viewed 12982 times since May 4, 2015
Question I'd like to receive PingPlotter/MultiPing alerts via HipChat so that I can keep my whole team notified of any network issues. Is there a way to do this? Solution Unfortunately, Stride/HipChat services were discontinued on February 15,... Read More
Moving MultiPing to a new computer
Viewed 11511 times since June 2, 2011
Question I'm moving MultiPing to a new machine - what do I need to move? Solution Installation and licensing Start off by installing MultiPing on the new machine. Download from the MultiPing download page, then install it. To move your license... Read More
MultiPing - How many licenses?
Viewed 9546 times since June 20, 2011
Question I'd like to install MultiPing on two different computers, 1 monitoring 50 targets, the other 250. How many licenses do I need? Solution MultiPing is licensed per install, and a single install can monitor any number of targets (we... Read More