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Moving MultiPing to a new computer


I'm moving MultiPing to a new machine - what do I need to move?


Installation and licensing

Start off by installing MultiPing on the new machine. Download from the MultiPing download page, then install it.

To move your license to the new machine, go to your old machine, open MultiPing, and go to Help -> About. In that screen, your user name should be listed (if MultiPing has a license installed). Double-click on your user name there and you'll get a popup licensing box that will show your current license key. Enter this into MultiPing on your new computer by going to Help -> Enter license key...

Uninstall from the old computer to complete the license transition.

Moving your configuration.

The configuration / setup for MultiPing is stored in two files - MultiPing.ini and Alerts.ini.

If you have an OS before Vista (XP/2000/etc), then the default location for these is in the MultiPing install directory (example: C:\Program Files\MultiPing). Just copy these files to your new machine's install directory.

If you have Vista, 2008, Windows 7 or later, then there is also another instance of these files in the user profile. If the install directory is not writeable, then any configuration changes are stored in the Application Data directory (%appdata%\MultiPing\ - enter that into the Start -> Search box and hit enter to open that location). Copy these files to the same location on the new machine.

Moving your collected data / history

While you're copying your .ini files (from either one of the above locations), take the "DefaultWorkspace.mws" file and the "DefaultWorkspace\" directory (and contents) and copy those to your new machine as well. This is where your target list and data is stored.

Alternately, rather than copying the files, you can also save off your collected data / workspace in the old instance of MultiPing (File -> Save Workspace...), copy the resulting .mws and directory to the new machine, and open it from there.

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