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Problems downloading PingPlotter or MultiPing
Viewed 61380 times since September 30, 2004
Question I have been trying to download the product and I consistently get a 'Could not initialize installation. File size expected=(some number), size returned=(some other number)' or some other similar message when I try to install. ... Read More
PingPlotter and MultiPing with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows 2008 and 2012
Viewed 38099 times since January 29, 2007
Question Do PingPlotter and MultiPing work with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows 2008, 2012? Solution In general, all versions of PingPlotter and MultiPing work well under most versions of Windows (you can find PingPlotter's system requirements here... Read More
Export Controls Classification Number
Viewed 20944 times since January 4, 2005
Question What's the Export Controls Classification Number (ECCN) for the PingPlotter and MultiPing? Solution All versions and editions of PingPlotter and MultiPing fall under the ECCN of EAR99. Read More
Emailing Support - Best Practices
Viewed 18428 times since November 5, 2013
Question What are some of the best practices for contacting support? Solution If you need help - we've got you covered. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make sure we've got everything we need to help out. Send Support... Read More
What target should I ping or trace?
Viewed 17544 times since May 1, 2007
Question I think my cable modem (or cable line) is bad. What's the best address to ping or trace? Solution The best address to use for troubleshooting is a target that is exhibiting problems when using other (not just PingPlotter) applications.... Read More
Determining the IP Address of a network service
Viewed 14900 times since August 31, 2004
Question I use a piece of software that automatically connects to an online service, but it doesn't ask me for an address or tell me which one it is connecting to. How can I determine the address of that server so I can PING/TRACE to it?... Read More
Other ping and traceroute information
Viewed 13405 times since January 4, 2005
Question Wow! I can't get enough of this traceroute and ping business. My mind hungers for more knowledge. Got any web links where I can read up? Solution Sure thing. We've got a few links in our Related and interesting links page of the... Read More
No response to emails to Pingman support
Viewed 13101 times since April 23, 2007
Question I've emailed, but I've not gotten a response. Are you ignoring me? Solution We occasionally get complaints from people who have sent us emails and we've responded to them, but they never get that reply (or,... Read More
Email support is better than phone support
Viewed 11902 times since September 10, 2014
Question Why don't you offer technical support over the phone? Solution We love providing great solutions to problems (as quickly as possible). We believe that great solutions often require: Experience (on our part) Documentation on past... Read More
Do you have a public support forum?
Viewed 11710 times since December 27, 2005
Question Do you have a support message board? Is it only available to registered users? Solution We sure do. Our support boards are freely available to everyone - you can access them at Although we'd like to think... Read More