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Why might one computer use more bandwidth than another?
Viewed 4764 times since June 16, 2016
Question Why might one computer use more bandwidth than another? Answer As the classic commercial tagline “L’Eggo My Eggo” illustrated, when supply is limited - demand can become contentious. If you share your internet connection... Read More
Can I Get Rid of My Annoying Game Lag?
Viewed 3466 times since August 8, 2016
Question Can I get rid of my annoying game lag? Answer If you’re an online gamer you know the frustration of joining a campaign with your clan just to have everyone flame on you because your lag is painful. Sure, you checked your ping before... Read More
Can I Fix My Painful Netflix Problem?
Viewed 3038 times since August 2, 2016
Question Can I fix my painful Netflix problem? Answer Everyone who uses Netflix knows the frustration of relaxing to watch their favorite show and then having to stare at a screen that says “Buffering” or “Content is Not Available at This Time.... Read More
Does the Internet Care Where You Live or Work?
Viewed 2489 times since June 15, 2016
Question Does the internet care where you live or work? Answer I hope not. But when it comes to testing your internet connection, it does matter. The old saying "it’s all about location, location, location” definitely applies when you're... Read More