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No response to emails to Pingman support


I've emailed, but I've not gotten a response. Are you ignoring me?


We occasionally get complaints from people who have sent us emails and we've responded to them, but they never get that reply (or, sometimes, we never get the original email). If you're not receiving a response to your email to us, there are several likely reasons for this, including:

  • Spam / virus filtering on your email system.
  • Spam / virus filtering on our email system.
  • Load on the internet email system due to recent virus activity causing slow delivery.

One of the real challenges here is that you may not be getting email from us because something is blocking these emails - and this gives us no way to communicate with you to try and troubleshoot the problem.

Something important to note is that all of the Pingman sales and support email addresses get logged in an automated system which confirms receipt of initial emails. This means that whenever you send us an email about a new topic (as opposed to replying to an email from us that you already received), our system will email you immediately with a confirmation. If you're not getting that confirmation, then you're likely not going to get our replies either. If you want to make sure we're getting your email, you can try submitting a new ticket via our online support system.

Check your spam filters / folder.

If our email to you is blocked from some reason, make sure you check your spam filter. With spam becoming more and more prevelant, spam filtering is becoming more aggressive. Sometimes, spam filters will incorrectly categorize an email and file it as spam. It's possible that *any* emails may be subject to this problem, including emails from us. If you're not getting emails from us, please check your spam filters.

Use a different email account

If you don't receive a confirmation email from us in a reasonable period of time (we send it immediately, but it may take a bit of time to make it back to your system - up to an hour), you might also try contacting us via an alternate email account. Sometimes, a specific email service might be having problems and using a different one works. Example - if you email us from a account, try using an account instead.

Use our public support forums

Another option is to post your problem on our public forums and we can communicate that way.

You can find more helpful information on the best practices for getting in touch with us in our article on Emailing Support.

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