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If I have an active maintenance plan, how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS?


I have a PingPlotter license that has an active maintenance plan - how do I get full access to PingPlotter iOS?


One of the perks of having an active maintenance plan is full access to PingPlotter iOS (including all of the paid features) for no cost. You can activate PingPlotter iOS on one Apple ID for each license you own (i.e.: If you have a single user license, you can activate PingPlotter iOS on one Apple ID. If you have a 2-computer license, you can activate it on 2 Apple ID's, and so on).

Getting entitlement for this is pretty quick and easy as well:

  • Download the PingPlotter iOS app on your iPhone/iPad
  • Log into your account page, (from your iDevice) and locate your PingPlotter license
  • You'll notice an option to "Activate this device."
  • Clicking this button will automatically enter your license information into the PingPlotter iOS app, and you'll be fully active!
  • If you're accessing your account from a desktop computer - once you've located your license, you'll notice an "Install button" button. If you click on the arrow and fold open the additional options, there will be a "Send iOS activation email" option - go ahead and click on that:
  • You'll then be sent an email with an activation link. If you open this email and click on this link from the device that you have PingPlotter iOS installed on - your license information will be entered into the app, and you'll be fully active!
Once you've got PingPlotter installed and activated, and have had a chance to check out all of the awesome features - don't forget to leave us a review in the app store (the world needs to know how awesome you think PingPlotter iOS is)!

If you have any questions, or if you should find yourself needing any assistance - please don't hesitate to contact us at!


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