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Pingman Tools builds software and shares wisdom that makes network troubleshooting suck less. When you experience connection issues, our products help you identify culprits, monitor problems, and work toward solutions whether you are a seasoned pro or a networking newbie.

Network Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

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PingPlotter is a network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for Windows, macOS, and iOS. It uses a combination of traceroute, ping, and whois to collect data over time, and shows network performance graphically. The information helps find the source of problems faster and acts as evidence in case the problem is on someone else's network.

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Remote Network Monitoring

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PingPlotter Cloud efficiently collects network diagnostics from any internet-connected computer and sends it to a central interface, helping you evaluate remote connections from the comfort of your own desk. PingPlotter Cloud gives you the tools to understand a network as your users experience it by tracing the actual route their data takes, be it for SaaS apps, remote desktops, VPNs, or VoIP.

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Multi-Target Network Monitoring

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MultiPing is a network monitoring tool for Windows. It's built for monitoring hundreds of TCP/IP hosts and providing detailed historical information about the collection period. The tool allows you to pick between multiple possible hosts (for online gaming or stock trading) to monitor uptime and performance or just keep track of general connectivity.

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When it comes to solving network problems, tools are only part of the equation. They are useless if you don't know how to use them. That's why we're committed to providing as many resources as we can to help you become an effective network troubleshooter.

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If you're having problems with something like Skype, League of Legends, or Comcast, check our our directory for a list of service specific network troubleshooting resources like phone numbers, support forms, troubleshooting guides and more.

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