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Problems downloading PingPlotter or MultiPing


I have been trying to download the product and I consistently get a 'Could not initialize installation. File size expected=(some number), size returned=(some other number)' or some other similar message when I try to install.


This normally happens either because of a corrupt download, or because of a virus scanner blocking the saving of a partially downloaded .exe.

Make sure you're saving the file before you run it (ie: in your browser, select 'Save' rather than 'Launch'), then manually launch it afterwards. Once you've downloaded it, make sure the file size matches the listed file size on the download page.

If the file size isn't correct, try downloading it from the FTP site instead of HTTP (just in case there's a HTTP proxy between you and us that is caching a partial file). All of our download pages have FTP links. Our download pages also have .zip versions available, which might help solve this problem.

Another possible culprit is your virus scanner. Some virus scanners have had problems during the download of a .exe file. Try disabling the realtime virus scanner for the download, then manually scanning the file before running it to ensure its free from viruses. After you've installed, make sure you re-enable your virus scanner.

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