Hello, I'm hopinng anyone here can help me with this.
Around December 23rd we suddenly started getting packetlosses on all monitors.

We have tested with normal pings and traceroutes without any packelosses.
We have monitored the traffic on the hypervior without noticing anything off.
We have tried updating Pingplotter to the latest release.
We have tried migrating the pingplotter server to another hypervisor, no difference.

Our network guys, says there are no issues in the internal networkings.

Are there any known issues with any Windows update KBs or anything else that can cause a behaviour like this in Pingplotter?

Attached is an example from one of the customer monitors currently running, and also a monitor for the pingplotter gateway.


2023-01-16_08-34-51.png (28 downloads)
2023-01-16_08-44-34.png (25 downloads)