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#3980 - 10/26/22 07:15 PM Experiencing random bouts of packet loss
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Ever since our infrastructure got fixed a month ago, my internet has been having these disconnects at complete random. It most often occurs when I'm gaming or streaming, but it can occur at any given time. I've been running pingplotter when the disconnects occur and from what I saw, I'm getting heavy packet loss from the second hop onward. I have an example on when this occurs below for those curious. I'm not sure what this means, but can anyone help me with this?

#3981 - 10/28/22 05:58 PM Re: Experiencing random bouts of packet loss [Re: Razorninja]
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Hey Razorninja,

Thanks for reaching out!

Based on the screenshot you shared it looks like this connection dropout you recorded started at the second hop in the route which is likely your ISP. You can infer this as there is no packet loss at the first hop (your router) and the packet loss shown at the destination can be traced back up the route to hop 2.

You can find more information about interpreting your PingPlotter data in the following articles:

Along with that I suggest collecting more data that helps show the network issue(s) you are experiencing. Once you have collected a handful of examples of issues (and if the culprit continues to seem like the ISP) I suggest checking out the following article on building a case with your ISP:

If you have any questions about this let us know!

Best of luck,

#3983 - 11/05/22 04:28 PM Re: Experiencing random bouts of packet loss [Re: TJM]
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Thank you for your input on this. I wanted to update this thread as well on a few things. First off, my mom and I called our ISP Cox a few days ago to get our wiring looked at, and the repair guy did fix that and replaced our old coaxial splitter in our house. Though sadl,y the random dcs still persisted shortly afterward. However, the repair guy that came to fix it said that if it still persists, it could also be a modem-related issue, but I may need some more input on that. Also when the dcs occur, all the lights on my router and modem remain green.



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