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#3948 - 05/14/22 07:40 AM huge packet loss, what should i tell my isp for them to fix it?
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first two is 20minutes to game server

1minute quick test another site

quick test to

test some hour later..hmm

Another thing i noticed is that if i do speedtest, my upload is stuck at 0.20Mbps, and if i do multiple speedtests it'll go up and pingplotter will show 0 packet loss for a while, after some time the packet loss resumes. And i can remove them for 10~minutes with speedtest.

Yet another thing i noticed since today(sunday) the network is fine, when the packet drops happen, the first hop will show very high packet loss like that last screenshot i posted, but this happens only if i ping another server, if i directly ping in cmd or tracert ALONE in pingplotter, there's no drop in packets or spikes in ping. Which confuses me wether this is a internal or isp issue. I know sometimes modems will drop ICPM requests but when the network is working fine like today, there's not a single request dropped by my modem. So does it only ignores ICPM requests when the packet loss is happening? this is tonight's test where its working perfectly fine

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#3949 - 05/17/22 02:49 PM Re: huge packet loss, what should i tell my isp for them to fix it? [Re: lolbob]
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Hey lolbob,

Thanks for reaching out!

I looked over the PingPlotter data you included and it looks to me like this issue was originating at the second hop in your route which is likely your ISP. With that said it looks like this issue cleared up/may have been resolved based on your results from Sunday. Considering this I suggest continuing to collect PingPlotter data for the next few days to conclude if the issue is resolved or if it is intermittent/still present.

If you do see the packet loss as shown in your traces from Saturday manifest themselves on your network again I suggest reaching out to your ISP with this data to proceed with fixing this. I suggest checking out the following article on building a case if it does come to this:

Building A Case

In regards to the results your router returned, you are correct that this is an example of that device dropping ICMP. As you have already found, by tracing directly to the router it will handle these packets differently and give you an accurate look into exactly how your router is behaving. You can read more about this in the following article:

One Poorly Responding Router

Let us know if this leaves you with any other questions or concerns!

Best of luck,



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