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#3893 - 09/27/21 10:52 PM High packet loss from 7pm to 5am
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I have been battling this for the better part of 3 years now with out really being about to figure out the cause, though part of that was because I hadn't known it was packet loss.

I have replaced my modem twice (not including the ones rented from my ISP), got a stand alone wifi router, got a network card for my PC, replaced my ethernet cables and upgraded to cat6 (even though I can't get 1gbps where I live), I've had my ISP's techs replace all the lines and the port that connects the outside line to the inside, done away with all the splitters, I've had them check the line all the way on the pole (and at one point their thing that sends out the signal was causing issues for the whole block and had to be replaced).

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#3894 - 09/28/21 05:04 PM Re: High packet loss from 7pm to 5am [Re: xAdesius]
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Hi xAdesius,

Thanks for writing into the forum!

After taking a look at the screenshot that you sent it looks like the pattern of packet loss goes back at least through hop #3. Since hop #1 and hop #2 show high packet loss these are likely false positives.

I would suggest tracing directly to hop #1 and hop #2 to see if you can get them to respond. I am guessing the packet loss that you're seeing at hop #1 is a false positive reading and that it is just down-prioritizing those packets (see this article for more information). The 100% packet loss at hop #2 is likely a similar story and that device is configured to drop all ICMP echo requests with an expired TTL. It could also be that it's configured to drop all ICMP packets or all pings from any packet type. That said, it's still worth tracing directly to these hops as they may respond differently with the TTL is not 0.

See what you get when you trace directly to those hops and see if it matches up with the packet loss you're seeing further down the route. If it does then keep going back up the route and you should find your culprit.

Let me know how it goes and if there is anything else I can help with!


#3895 - 09/29/21 12:50 AM Re: High packet loss from 7pm to 5am [Re: Poe]
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Okay so first I'm pretty sure my hop 2 is just my wifi router (Because I have tried running my ethernet strait from the modem just in case it somehow was my router causing the issue and when I did that the 2nd blank hop disappeared).

But I went ahead and ran the tests and uploaded the results here. I ran it on all hops and again it showed pretty hefty amount of PL, I ran it on just the 1st hop and it was clean. Then I ran it on the address that is shown as the 2nd hop on the "928all" test and that had pretty bad PL as well.

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