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#3570 - 01/21/20 05:15 AM Please add ASN for hops while tracing routes
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Can we please have a way to pinpoint the ASN of the hops while tracing path? It's a feature used in the linux flavour of traceroute while using -A. I think you guys can do better and at least match this feature.

It would make pingplotter way better, sometimes while tracing I've had had a lot of hops that didn't have any reverse dns, and I always have to do manual whois for those IP addresses to make sure they belong to the network I expect.

Any plans for this feature?

I think network engineers will love this.

Also, make an update-able db file which contains all known ASNs and their names, so the column for the ASN will look like:

1. ASN=RFC1918 or just blank
2. a.b.c.d ASN=1234 [resolved ISP name from DB]
3. e.f.g.h ASN=4321 [resolved ISP name from DB]
4. w.x.y.z ASN=4321 [resolved ISP name from DB]
5. ASN=13335 [Cloudflare, Inc.]

And make an option to select the whois server for looking up ASN, or use a custom server too.

Here is the linux traceroute sample for apples to apples comparison:

root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# traceroute -IA
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( [AS198949] 2.469 ms 2.518 ms 2.430 ms
2 ( [AS51999] 4.245 ms 4.915 ms 5.612 ms
3 ( [AS51999] 7.895 ms 8.023 ms 7.876 ms
4 ( [AS51999] 4.495 ms 4.691 ms 7.314 ms
5 ( [AS8708] 6.823 ms 6.726 ms 6.941 ms
6 ( [AS13335] 7.005 ms 8.742 ms 9.044 ms

Also a freeware tool by Nirsoft does this too, I've attached a SS.

Capture.JPG (13 downloads)

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#3571 - 01/21/20 02:07 PM Re: Please add ASN for hops while tracing routes [Re: angelclaw]
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Hi Angelclaw,

Thanks for the detailed feature suggestion - we really appreciate it!

As far as plans for this feature we have had a request or two in the past for this but not many so it's not currently on our roadmap. That said, this sounds like a useful feature to add to PingPlotter and I will certainly pass this along to the team here. We'll check out your examples and see if this is a good fit for a new feature in the future.

We'll note down your contact info and will let you know if we decide to go ahead with this feature.

Let us know if this leaves you with any questions, we're happy to help!





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