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#3401 - 05/12/19 10:20 AM packet loss
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Hi guys
Hopefully this post will work.
2nd attempt- It said I couldn't post to this thread?
spent like 20 min writing it out-
Anyways, I have a point to point ISP style internet- 10 mbps package
I live in the country, not a lot of options.
Its line of sight to the water tower 3 miles away.
Have had it for like 8+ years-
Now have more need for faster internet due to all the gizmos, and desires- lol- video streaming, wifi calling, some gaming online, etc etc-
The ISP, has replaced the wiring on the tower, the radio on the house, their "aircube" router, and still have packet loss, which effects mostly the live streaming items, aka, wifi calling, online gaming mostly- others buff it out-
Here are some examples from ping plotter- today a few weeks ago

More are avail if nec
Please, if any help you ca n provide is greatly apricated
Thank you

#3402 - 05/12/19 10:23 AM Re: packet loss [Re: Modasi]
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sorry, was a little frustrated with my internet problem and, well it showed it in the 1st bit of my message.
Thanks to all that can help

#3403 - 05/13/19 01:19 PM Re: packet loss [Re: Modasi]
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Hi Modasi,

Thanks for reaching out - I appreciate those share pages you've posted!

I'm sorry that getting your internet up to speed has been such a challenge. A point-to-point connection can be difficult sometimes.

Looking at these two share pages, I noticed that the first hops are different - do you know what/where your device was connecting to at those times?

It seems like there are issues beginning at hop 1 in this image:

Here, it looks like it starts at hop 2 or between hop 1 and 2:

However, it's hard to say where the problem lies for certain without more data. I would highly recommend running a trace to your NIC card in conjunction with a streaming service that you're having issues with (ex. Netflix). If on Windows, you can find this address by typing "ipconfig /all" in command prompt and look for IPv4 under "Ethernet adapter Ethernet".

If you have a macOS device, follow this link for instructions:

Run a trace to your NIC card as well as a streaming service for at least 24-48 hours, then compare your results; feel free to share those with us if you'd like!

Regarding PingPlotter results and pinpointing the source of the problem, see these articles:

Please feel free to ask any questions or even share some additional data - we're happy to help!

All the best,

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