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#3083 - 05/19/17 10:42 PM Intermittent packet loss
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I've been experiencing some packet loss I believe which is causing disconnects from a game I play. I discovered pingplotter as a possible method to find out what the problem was so I could work on getting it fixed.

Initially I believed that it was likely a router/modem issue as the PL% was very high for the first two hops. However, pinging those via the command line results in 100% of packets returned over hundreds of pings. Now I'm unsure where along the route the problem lies. Any assistance is appreciated. PP2 file is attached (hopefully).

live-front1.pp2 (67 downloads)

#3084 - 05/22/17 03:23 PM Re: Intermittent packet loss [Re: Joat116]
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Thanks for writing in - and thank you for trying out PingPlotter!

You've *definitely* got some pretty painful looking results here. Around 20% packet loss would make any online game pretty difficult to play.

It looks like your first few hops (#1 and #2) aren't too fond of timed out ICMP requests, which is likely why you're seeing a higher percentage of packet loss there (and 100% packet loss when you ping those devices directly). If you're interested, we cover why some devices respond like this in more detail here:

The increased packet loss at those first two hops makes things a bit tough to see - but it seems like the packet loss that's affecting your final destination is starting pretty early in the route (the culprit is likely something pretty "close to home").

Your next goal should be to eliminate any variables (that you have control over) to see if you can isolate what may be causing your issue. If you're on a wireless connection, moving to a wired connection is a *great* first step. Another step may be to disconnect anything in your network that is actively using a network connection, and then start plugging things back in (one at a time) to see you can identify anything that may be contributing to your issue. You could also try running PingPlotter on a different network all together (if possible), to see if the issue may be related to your machine (if you see the same results on a different network - this would be a pretty strong indicator). Anytime you're eliminating a variable, make sure to keep PingPlotter running so you can see if you notice any changes in your results (as this can help you identify what may be causing your problem).

We've got a great guide that goes over some tips and best practices for using PingPlotter to troubleshoot an issue like this, which may prove helpful to you here as well:

Hopefully this helps out! If you should find yourself needing any other guidance, please let us know.

Best wishes,




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