Saw a few more things worth mentioning :-)

Double-clicking in a timeline graph causes the trace display at the top to stop updating. Double-clicking the timeline graph again refreshes the trace display data with current data, but it still doesn't update itself anymore.

*Bonus fun*: clicking a hop in the trace display while the above problem is happening causes that hop's data to be refreshed to the current data. Whacky. :-)

Right-clicking the timeline graph and selecting "Reset focus to current" fixes the problem. Running a different trace or "Reset and Restart" of current trace also gets things working again.

Not sure what the intended result is of double-clicking the timeline graph, but un-freezing the trace display (or "getting out of that 'mode'", depending on the intent) is currently non-obvious.

Column resizing issues

This isn't specific to this beta but it's something I've noticed while playing around with the beta.

In my PP (eww...say that aloud in a crouded room <img src="/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif" alt="" /> ), the last two columns in the trace display are "Cur" and "Graph". If I grab the column sizer between the two and move it all the way to the right and release, then move it back to the left, the "Graph" text label for the column header "disappears" (or is no longer centered). This is a blocker and must be fixed prior to shipping. <img src="/forums/images/icons/crazy.gif" alt="" />

Unusual behavior is exhibited, though, if you move that gripper all the way to the right then close PP. Opening PP again shows some of the columns sized very small (in my case, "DNSName" becomes very thin). The "Graph" column also is much bigger than it was when we closed PP (possibly taking the space my "DNSName" column gave up).

Serious nitpick alert: Not specific to this beta really...but menu options that open a modal window (blocking access to the main window) which requires specific user interaction (changing a setting, saving a file) should really end with an ellipsis ("Load sample set..."). <img src="/forums/images/icons/smirk.gif" alt="" />

Don't get me wrong. I love this program and use it every day. I'm just trying to be helpful with the beta.

I love playing with my PP! <img src="/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif" alt="" />