I've been running PP 2.30 as an unattended monitor. First, I find it DOES work as an NT Service (Win2K/SP2 anyway) using the popular FireDaemon as the service wrapper. Some things that would really help:<br><br>Auto-Save is a great feature but I wish it had the option of updating/replacing one file of a continuous trace rather than adding files every so often. Just deleting the files previiously saved would be a big help. The idea, of course, is to just have 1 file for any continuous trace.<br><br>I didn't miss a way to do this did I? Opening an existing trace file with commandline options that's not automatically created or filename-unique just doesn't work. The Auto-Save filename options is super, though!<br><br>What I'm doing now is Auto-Saving every 15 minutes then delete the array of redundant/earlier files occasionally.<br><br>All Comments Welcomed.<br><br><br>