On one new computer a wired connection has 0.5ms times to router but on wifi it is a spikey mess. It has ping times to the router that are all over the place and has not infrequent brief periods of significant packet loss.

I initially was spending hours trying to tweak settings on router. But it might be with the Macbook itself. Both an older Macbook and an iPhone have really good ping times.

Apple says the hardware "checks out" and that it must be a software issue - reinstall Big Sur and start adding bak programs. This is realistically days of work.

What would cause such variability on one and only one device?

I am using Sidekick - does not seem to have jitter on one of the computers.

Also - if there is a better way to post pics I am all ears.



The pictures below are:
New Macbook
Old Macbook



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