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We've recently been working on several development paths for a cross-platform version of PingPlotter (and MultiPing). One of these paths got us a long distance in features and capabilities by reusing our existing codebase, and we were encouraged. Sadly, the details around the edges became harder and harder to get working the way we wanted, and we decided to go a different direction (which we are feverishly pursuing currently).

However, this leaves us with a really capable version of PingPlotter Standard on OSX, but one built on a toolset we are not continuing to develop on. We've been getting more and more requests for PingPlotter for Mac, so rather than discard this version, we're making it available to existing customers (who own a license key for PingPlotter Standard or Pro) who may find it useful.

To download this unsupported build, use this link:

After you download it, open the .zip file, drag the contents to your Applications folder, and launch it.

It's important to note: you'll need a PingPlotter Standard or PingPlotter Pro license key to get this version to work.

The main core features of PingPlotter works well: tracing, ICMP and TCP packet types (UDP type works, but not against some trace targets), alerts, auto-save, Retina display, etc. There are a few deficiencies as well:
  • no help file, some menu oddities
  • a few layout problems and it uses the Carbon user interface components rather than Cocoa
  • no evaluation version (so sorry, no having friends or customers use this on their Macs - we'll have something for them pretty soon, but not this).
  • time-graph area sometimes adds additional space and doesn't properly update on route changes (to fix, right-click and reset focus to current).
  • use of PCap for TCP packets doesn't have a helper to get it started automatically - if you need TCP packets, install WireShark (you don't need to use WireShark, but installing it will configure PCap to auto-start/elevate).
  • testing has not been super-thorough, so it may have additional problems.
  • we're not offering support on this build - use at your own risk.
We're not looking for feedback on this build, but if you need PingPlotter for Mac, this might help hold you over until we have the "official" release ready to go.

If you download this, you'll automatically be added to the "Mac" mailing list and you'll get an announcement when we have beta build ready with the alternate architecture (the one we're pursuing).