We just released a technical preview of PingPlotter Standard for Mac! It's available to PingPlotter Standard & PingPlotter Pro license owners who are currently on active maintenance through the account system. As previously mentioned, the original Mac development path was scrapped in favor of one built on the awesome new PingPlotter engine - codenamed Xerek. This build takes full advantage of a variety of new technologies and offers several improvements:
  • This is the fully-supported future, even as a preview.
  • Trace two simultaneous targets.
  • Updated file formats so you can share Sample Sets (.pp2 files) between this edition, PingPlotter v4 and iOS.
  • IPv6 tracing.
  • Sub-millisecond latency measurements for LAN troubleshooting and capturing small performance variations.
  • Cocoa GUI is way slicker than the old Carbon one.
  • Shortcut button on time graphs that jumps timeline to most recent data.
  • New data management strategy imports/exports data more efficiently (no longer save and load because it's database powered) and autosaves everything you collect. NOTE: Automatically flushing data from memory is still on the to do list.
  • Timelines zoom in and out smoothly without skipping from setting to setting
Alerts, UDP & TCP packet types, comments, scripting, route change viewing and a handful of other features have yet to be implemented in the current preview. If this functionality is essential to your work, it's probably a good idea to stay on the old build until we get the features into a new version. If you are getting screens telling you "this is an old version" - don't worry, we have a date-extended "test" edition that you can get by redownloading (although it's getting increasingly creaky with new OS versions).

Overall, the new Mac build is a great preview of where PingPlotter technology is heading. We're excited to hear how it works for you!