This is currently not an option. There's a pretty good reason for that (at least I believe it's a good reason), but feel free to respond to this to convince me otherwise.<br><br>The route a packet takes to a destination is really only important in how it affects the data in reaching the final destination. It's possible that a particular hop in the middle of a route may show high packet loss, but the final destination shows no packet loss. If this is the case, then that hop isn't adding its results to your final destination - and the only thing we *really* care about is the packet loss and latency at the final destination.<br><br>Generally, I'd suggest only monitoring the final destination - as 90% packet loss with 1500ms round trip times on any hop before that is irrelavent unless it affects the final destination. There's really no point in alerting on any hop before the final destination unless you have specific interest in that hop.<br><br>Hope that helps a bit - again, feel free to respond with reasons why we might care about the other hops!<br><br>