Okay..<br><br>I think my misunderstandings made you misunderstand me :-)<br><br>What I was searching for was to make an alert monitor on the whole trace, not only one of the hops. I want to see if one or more of the hosts fails, do I have to add a monitor on them all? And what with the hops that change? Does the alert check the hop number or the actual host/ip?<br><br>What I'm searching for is the possibility to do a condition saying: If one or more of the hosts in $trace gets more than 50% packet loss the last 10 traces, send me an email please. :-)<br>Is that doable somehow? If not, can it become doable in any future versions of Ping Plotter? :-)<br><br>Thanks for a great program :)<br><br>-Marthe<br><br>