I saved a sample set which covered about an hour on Win98SE. When I attempt to load it, I get an error:<br> Error Loading file: "C:\www.softlabna.com.pps".<br> List index out of bounds (19)<br>This repeated with a second sample from the same session.<br>After the error, PP behaves erratically when displaying the graphs - e.g. it will fill the window with repeated occurrences of the timeline for the target.<br><br>I reinstalled PP on another machine, (WinNT/SP5) and the error occurred again loading a saved sample of a trace to winfiles.com.<br><br>If you want, I can send the the save files.<br><br>Additional info April 20th: I think the problem only occurs when the destination address is unreachable - otherwise save and load seems to work OK<br>:<br>