Extending Maintenance

Maintenance includes perks like inclusive upgrades and priority support. Extending maintenance pushes the expiration date one year into the future from the current expiration date.

Example: If maintenance is renewed six months after expiration, renewing maintenance back-fills six months and extends maintenance six months into the future.

When a license has been expired for more than one year, you will need to upgrade your license instead of extending maintenance. The account system will automatically pick the option that gives you the most value for the least cost.

Example: If five licenses are associated with a license card, extending maintenance would apply to all five licenses. In this case, the price would be $8.25 (the volume discounted price for 5 licenses) times 5 licenses for a total of $41.25.

Good to know!

If you wish to upgrade or extend maintenance on a select number of your existing licenses, you can separate them via the license management system.

How to extend maintenance

A line item for the maintenance extension will appear in a pending invoice, and the license card will update with information about the upgrade's effect on the license.

When you are satisfied with the contents of the order, click Buy Now. You will be directed to an order form and, after the form is submitted, you can return to the account screen to find your freshly-updated license card.