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Can I Get Rid of My Annoying Game Lag?


Can I get rid of my annoying game lag?


If you’re an online gamer you know the frustration of joining a campaign with your clan just to have everyone flame on you because your lag is painful. Sure, you checked your ping before jumping into the game, but now you’re bringing everyone down. If this is a pattern, you won’t be in your clan for much longer, so is there something you can do to escape lag hell? Yes, there is.

You have probably heard some of the most basic tips like restart the device you are using or restarting your modem. These are both great techniques for resolving common problems. But let’s ask the bigger question… “Can you troubleshoot your network problems?” If you just told yourself, “oh hell no!” then this article is for you. Yes, you can.

Troubleshooting is just a matter or trying things (like rebooting your device) and keeping track of what worked and what didn’t. And if the word “network” scares you, just replace it with whatever you are trying to do. Think about it: “Can you troubleshoot your network problems” can be rephrased as, “Can you keep track of when the game lags and when it doesn’t?” If you have a piece of paper and a pencil, you have that one licked.

That brings us to which tools you will need to get the job done right. How many tools you need depends on the problem, but the first tools are fairly simple. First, start with a piece of paper and keep track of what problems you experience and when. Next, follow a list of steps that will help you try to learn more about what is and what isn’t working. If those steps don’t get you to a solution, or if the problem isn’t with you (maybe it’s your internet provider), then you will need to download a software tool to help you better see where the problem might be hiding.

You can get detailed steps and free software from Pingman Tools in the guide, Troubleshooting Online Games. The Network Nirvana Guide also provides a form to help you get action from your internet provider when the problem isn’t on your end.

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