With the 3.3x to 4.1x line of PingPlotter Pro, when running as a service the user interface uses Session 0 under Windows 7, 2008 and Windows 8. Session 0 has a windows-enforced 60 second idle timeout if the user stops doing anything.

This script will stop that timeout from happening. There are good reasons why this timeout *does* happen (primarily, that the service instance has read/write access to all of the file system, and could be used for nefarious purposes), so this solution works best on a dedicated PingPlotter Pro server where there isn't a security risk of leaving the service desktop visible.

To install this, just extract the attached file to your (PingPlotter Pro)\scripts directory. Stop and restart the PingPlotter service. Now, the session will no longer time out.

(This script is for V4 of PingPlotter Pro - see here for a V3 compatible script).

Service Session Timeout Override.zip (227 downloads)