I've emailed nessoft privately about these last year... but should probably<br>reenforce them here so they can receive comment. Would love to see:<br><br> (1) I like the ability to skip the first 5 hops, but it would be nice to<br> be able to do the same thing in the opposite direction... that is,<br> show only the last hop, or show only the last 2 hops.<br><br> (2) Often if a remote server isn't responding I set the time limit real fast<br> (say 5 second update) so I can watch in realtime until the server is back<br> on.... unfortunatly more than once I have forgotten to change the 5<br> second update back to my normal 90 seconds - thus pummeling the servers<br> with traceroutes for hours and hours (often i accidently cover up the<br> window and forget). It would be great if there was a feature that<br> watched for a threshold, and if the threshold is hit in any of the<br> hops then the speed changes.... once the threshold is no longer hit<br> the speed reverts (e.g., tie speed of reporting with network delay).<br><br> (3) My sysadmin terminal is usually cluttered beyond belief with windows...<br> I tend to put the ping window off of the screen to the left so that just<br> the times and right most graph section is visible... however, in this<br> mode I can't select times or other servers to ping. A redesigned or<br> secondary mode would be nice - built to be as readable as possible but<br> still out of the way... that allowed diddling of the controls (perhaps<br> a pull down over the right most area that allowed you to select both<br> servers and speed. Alternativly, having the timing window and the graph<br> window detachable and positionable would be great.<br><br> (4) Allow double clicking on a server to trace it (without having to hit TRACE)<br><br>Ping Plotter is indespensible to us - we use it 24/7... one of the best<br>programs in the world for what it does. I'd be willing to shell out more<br>money to get these features.<br><br>