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#3958 - 08/04/22 05:08 PM Export More Data
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Hello! Not sure if this is an error or not, but any time I try to export data (to text file or to pp file to reimport) it only exports the past 5 days (even if I choose 'all data'). I notice this comes out to almost exactly 500,000 lines in a text file and I am not sure if that is some limit in the software. I am looking to analyze data over the past month or so. I tediously took screenshots of the last hop for every 24 hour period for the past month (see: ), but I am looking to further analyze the data to provide averages of packet loss per hour. Any way to export more data? Thanks!

Since I am posting here anyway, I am sure that this issue is outside of my control. Has anything like this been seen before by anyone else? I feel this is the beginning of a difficult journey with my ISP given the intermittent nature.

Some shares for anyone curious:

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#3959 - 08/05/22 06:31 PM Re: Export More Data [Re: marka2049]
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Hey Marka,

Thanks for reaching out!

In regards to your first question, PingPlotter is coded for a maximum export of 500k samples when using the trace export.

With that said with the data you have provided this does a pretty good job of demonstrating that your network issues are starting at your ISP (hop 2). You can confidently conclude that this is an ISP issue because the packet loss/latency that occurs at the final hop in your traces is also present at hop 2 (and the hops in between) while your local network (hop 1) stays clear of any sign of an issue.

Considering this I suggest next checking out the following article we have posted about building a case with your ISP:

This should be helpful in preparing to reach out to your ISP with this data you have collected and shared this far. With that said if this leaves you with any other questions or concerns please let us know!




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