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#3228 - 03/07/18 12:47 PM Packet loss shows on different hops for two simultaneous pings?
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I am pinging in one tab and pinging my router at in another tab, and am getting confusing results.

Why does the packet loss and lag spike show up when I ping the router directly, but in my ping to it shows the packet loss on later hops and not the router?

#3229 - 03/07/18 03:21 PM Re: Packet loss shows on different hops for two simultaneous pings? [Re: Eso]
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Hey there,

Thanks for posting!

That is really weird - usually we see the opposite happening! The difference between the packets sent is that in a direct ping, where is your final destination, we send out packets with a TTL of 64. When we send to, we send the regular ping to with a TTL of 64, and all intermediate hops have a ping with a TTL that will be 0 once it reaches the device (i.e., hop 1 has a TTL of 1 when sent, hop 2 has a TTL of 2 when sent, and so forth, so that the TTL will be expired once it reaches the device). There could be a difference in how your router is treating TTLs that aren't expired vs. TTLs that *are* expired, but it's performing opposite of how we usually see - usually they throw away TTL expired, and respond well to normal pings that're still "alive". I can definitely see that your traces are experiencing some packet loss to the final destination - what happens if you reset/restart the traces? Do they sort themselves out?

With that bit of background, I'd love to chat more directly and get some data sets from you to try and figure out what's causing this issue - if you could head to Help -> Email Support from within the program, and include a screenshot, I'll be happy to check it out. I may ask for some more data sets as well - just a heads up. I'll see that ticket come through and we can go from there!



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