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#3165 - 10/14/17 03:11 PM Interpretation help
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I've been having intermittent lag spikes and trying to see if its maybe my equipment or my ISP. I recently changed both my wireless route and modem.

The first pingplot I ran was with the wireless router connected. The 2nd was without it connected (modem directly to my PC). The 3rd was again without modem but rolled back a driver on network adaptor. On first 2 plots I see packet loss at the ip address which turns out to be the same packet loss at final destination. What I'm unsure about is with no router connected is the 1st hop my modem? Or is the 1st connection beyond my home network (thus an ISP problem)? Since I see the same issue with and without my router connected I'm ruling that out. I was thinking of just exchanging my modem as I still have time to do so, but if its ISP related I can save myself a trip to the store.

twitch Pingplotter_1(with router).png (53 downloads)
twitch Pingplotter_2 (no router).png (38 downloads)
twitch Pingplotter_3 (no router).png (41 downloads)

#3166 - 10/16/17 05:01 PM Re: Interpretation help [Re: Haywire19]
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Hey there,

Thanks for writing in!

From the screenshots I'm seeing, I don't think I have quite enough information to be able to tell you which device is acting up. I can tell that you've got some packet loss for sure, but only being able to see the timeline graph at the final destination makes it a bit difficult to tell who the culprit is. If you'd like to send us some more data, feel free to send us a .PP2 file by heading to File -> Export Sample Set -> All Data and sending the file you've exported to If you'd like to do that for all three sessions, that would be great! I'd love to take a look at it from there.

In the meantime, if you'd like to do some poking around of your own, we have a handy article that can start pointing you in the right direction:




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