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#295 - 09/26/00 05:15 PM No DNS lookup
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I often use pingplotter to diagnose ISDN problems to work. I have to go through some routers before I hit the networks with the DNS servers I need.<br><br>Unfortunately, pingplotter desperately wants to look up DNS names, even though I've given it a dotted quad IP address. I watch my CPU (Windows 98) peg at 100% as things spin.<br><br>I'd love to be able to say "don't bother looking up names" and I don't think I can with 2.20.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>

#296 - 09/26/00 05:49 PM Re: No DNS lookup [Re: djmsullivan]
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You're right - there is no way to disable DNS lookups (in *any* version of Ping Plotter).<br><br>Version 2.20 does add some better handling of this, though - in that it doesn't block the start of the trace while the DNS lookup is happening - in other words, the trace starts immediately if you provide an IP address instead of a name. The DNS lookups happen in a separate thread, so you don't need to wait.<br><br>Now, windows 98 does show high CPU usage with Ping Plotter - especially when you first start a new trace. Most of this comes from the ICMP echo requests, however, and isn't related to the DNS lookups. In any case, it's REPORTING high CPU useage, but it's not really using that much CPU (the ICMP lookups from Windows just don't tell windows that it's not working during the "wait time"). If you run under NT/2000, you'd notice that you'd be getting like 2% CPU useage during these same times.<br><br>If this isn't good enough - and the IP addresses you're specifying (or tracing through) come from a relatively short list, you can enter those IPs with names in your hosts files - which will eliminate the lookup time since it will happen locally and instantly. Adding IPs to your hosts file has the additional benefits of you being able to name these IPs something very useful - and you can also enter these short names instead of remembering the IPs.<br><br>In any case, you're right - there's no way to disable DNS lookups. From the angle I'm looking (which you're most welcome to try to adjust), the upsides of always doing the DNS lookups outweigh the tiny bit of additional network overhead, and the perception of high CPU useage (which is likely not even related to the DNS lookups).<br><br>Agree/disagree? Let me know - I'd be interested in entertaining an additional option if the utility could be shown.<br><br>Thanks for the feedback/suggestion!<br><br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Pete Ness on 9/26/00 06:01 PM.</EM></FONT></P>



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