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#2721 - 07/29/15 03:47 AM Internet problems
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I'm experiencing a problem with my internet, I'm a heavy gamer and currently playing Elite Dangerous and Raceroom Racing Experience a lot, both games require a constant connection to servers and both games fail, with various error messages or a just cannot even log in.

Other games like Project CARS and Alien Isolation work fine, Steam works fine and I re-downloaded games to test and it all seemed normal, I've done speed tests and all seems normal.

The issue also seems to manifest itself when browsing, some pages fail to finish loading and some fail to load at all, refreshing sometimes works but usually I have to close the window or tab and try again and the webpage appear ok, but then the next page I try will fail and I have to refresh or reload.

Can anyone help me interpret the graph, to me it looks like hop3 is a problem and I've checked the IP address and it's a range that belongs to my ISP.

#2722 - 07/29/15 01:03 PM Re: Internet problems [Re: HRE]
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Thanks for writing in!

The packet loss you're seeing at hop #3 isn't necessarily anything to worry about. Some devices simply don't prioritize ICMP echo requests very high (or don't respond to them at all). As long as the packet loss doesn't carry through the rest of your route (which it doesn't appear to here), then it doesn't need to be factored into your troubleshooting efforts. We cover this topic in a bit more detail here:

The screenshot that you've posted doesn't *seem* to point to any specific problem (although, it's tough to tell with on 10 minutes of viewable data). Your final target is responding back with a decent latency, and no packet loss (which would be considered good results in most cases). This isn't to say that there isn't a problem, though - it just means that a little more work may be required to capture your issue.

The first thing we'd recommend is some additional monitoring with PingPlotter - ideally to one of the services you're experiencing issues with (such as the game server you're using when you play Elite Dangerous or Raceroom Racing Experience). This way PingPlotter can capture any periods where you may be experiencing issues while playing your game. You can then start to match up any patterns you're noticing to narrow down what the culprit here may be. We've got a great guide that goes over the process of troubleshooting any issue like this one, which may prove helpful to you here:

Hopefully this helps out! If you should find yourself needing any other guidance, feel free to send over any .pp2 files that you may have collected ("File" -> "Save sample set"), and we'd be more than happy to take a look and offer any advice we can from there.

Best wishes,


#2723 - 07/30/15 02:45 PM Re: Internet problems [Re: Gary]
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Thanks Gary! laugh

Turned out my problems were a widespread issue in the UK with British Telecommunications (BT). Thanks for the extra advice and info. BT have fixed the problem. smile



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