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#2112 - 05/06/09 11:43 AM Customising colours (in particular the grey)
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Hi there,

I tend to monitor a large number of remote agents as part of my day-to-day checks, but I'm usually looking at 24 or 48 hour views of the graphs.

Packet losses obviously show up on these as red lines.

However one site I monitor had ISP issues in the past, where they were getting disconnected for mainly between 10-20 seconds, but sometimes a little longer 30-50 seconds (I ping on a 5 second basis).

I couldn't see these disconnects (the grey lines) in the 24 hour views - I had to move right down to 1-3 hour views to spot them, but it was really difficult to actually see them as the grey does not contrast much against the pale green and yellow.

In order to make it easy to show to the ISP, I saved the image and edited it with Paint to recolour the grey to be a bright green.

Could we get some customizable options for the various colours in a future release please?


#2115 - 05/06/09 12:48 PM Re: Customising colours (in particular the grey) [Re: Liam]
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Hi, Liam.

The "disconnected" times are designed to be relatively invisible when looking at the graphs for the remote agent. During these periods where we were unable to talk to the remote agent, we really can't say what caused this inability to talk to the remote agent - and *for sure* we can't say anything about the destination that the remote agent is monitoring.

The best way to get good troubleshooting information about remote agent machine itself is to monitor the remote agent machine directly from PingPlotter. Since you know that the remote agent is reachable most of the time, you can set up another engine type in PingPlotter (call it, say, "Remote Agent Monitor") and then use TCP packets to port 7465. That trace (from your local PingPlotter Pro instance to the remote agent) will show packet loss and timeouts in red.

The grey in the time graph in the remote agent trace basically means "we're not sure about this because we couldn't talk to the agent", so it's appropriate that this not show as a problem period.

- Pete



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