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#2046 - 09/16/08 06:58 PM Description
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I am currently evaluating Ping Plot Pro and would like to see two additional functions added.

First, there should be the ability to give each trace a description which is user editable. Currently the Target Name is the DNS Name which in some cases is helpful but in the type of testing we do is usually not. Either a separate label field should be added or the existing DNS field should editable.

The IPís that I trace usually do not resolve to a recognizable host name so what I am doing currently is to open up a separate Note Pad file and create an entry for each IP address and then label it with the customer name that I am monitoring the connection for. It gets cumbersome to switch screens back and forth to see which plot is for which customer.

The second feature I would like to see is the ability to arrange the graphs in the Summary view better. Currently you can sort them to match the target list but there is no way to move the target list in any order other than by sorting the list in ascending or descending order by each field. I can also move the top tabs into a different order but then I donít see a way to make the target list match up to this order.

I would like the flexibility to either move each target in the list directly by dragging it to where I want it or to have the list match up with the top tabs. The latter method would be fine. That way I could drag the tabs to the order I want and then make the list and graphs match to this order.

The reason I need this capability is that at times Iím monitoring several devices at the same physical location at the same time. I want the ability to keeps these devices on graphs next to each other whether or not they were entered into the system at the same time.

Thanks for the ability to give this type of input. You have a good product and have made some great additions since the last version I looked at. Keep up the good work!

#2047 - 09/16/08 09:44 PM Re: Description [Re: richlor63]
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You might be able to get where you need from here, with what already exists.

We have a script that you can use to edit the existing DNS name. You can see that here:

Once you're able to edit names, then you should be able to edit them to something "groupable", then sort on that to keep your targets together.

Thanks for the great notes on what you want, and why. We've got some stuff in the pipeline that should move further in this direction, so your feedback is most appreciated.

Please let us know if the current solution works for you.

- Pete



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