A suggestion for other users:

I have MultiPing send me the phone company circuit ID with every message. For example, here's a message I got on my Blackberry:

A MultiPing alert has fired for the following period(s):
7/6/2007 9:15:29 AM to Current

Monitoring: Sta 66 70DHZX526081

That "70DHZX526081" tells me everything I need to call the telephone company to get them to start testing our T1. This has greatly reduced our downtime, especially after hours. When you have a circuit starting to get intermittent, having the phone company start testing as soon as it starts really improves the odds that they'll catch it in the act.

Just add the circuit number after the site name when you add the new target or rename your existing targets.

A suggestion to the developers: Consider adding an info field to each target. No need to show it on screen, but include it with the email alerts. Then I could add contact numbers, addresses, room locations and anything else that would be handy to have when I get an email from MultiPing. Sort of like a comment field in a buddy list. There if you need to see it, but otherwise out of the way.