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#11 - 04/26/99 04:50 PM bottom graph default size
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hey there...I love this program, yet I want to make the bar graph size(the second graph at bottom of PP window) a bit larger than the default 1 inch..I am on a 19 inch monitor...and am at 1024x768, so I prefer a default minimum of 2.5 inches on the graph-any suggestions? Is it possible? also:<br>- I see 100% packet-loss with 6 errors in hop one of my PP trace to site "X". Your FAQ says this can be ignored, yet I fear it indicates a problem with my network card(3COM EtherlinkXL 3C900-TPO)..or my cable modem (motorola Cyber surfer wave)..or my ISP (RoadRunner).What tools does PP have to check this, if any??<br>-Finally...I raelly need to set the packet size to compare with the pakets used in on-line gaming...I play Quake 2, Unreal, an ingame rate of 9000...what do i set packet size at> THANX! <br><br>

#12 - 04/27/99 10:36 PM Re: bottom graph default size [Re: Russell Cole]
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Hi there!<br><br>The lower graph can be resized (maybe you know this?) by grabbing the resizing bar right above the graph, but the size isn't saved. This is because it currently sizes dynamically when graphs are added/removed from that area. <br><br>Some routers just don't respond. Mine sometimes doesn't respond on hop 1 - and sometimes it does. This depends on the final destination I'm tracing to. I don't think there's anything you can do to change this behavior. You might try sending an e-mail to your admin to see if they have any words of wisdom on this topic. This is *not* a problem with your network card or cable modem - it's expected behavior in most cases.<br><br>The in-game "rate" is actually the bandwidth that the game is using. This doesn't translate at all to what Ping Plotter uses. Basically, in online gaming, you have a pretty small packet size that gets sent very frequently. The "rate" setting lets you limit how frequently this is sent - not the size of the packet. Generally, I like to run Ping Plotter *while* playing - and if I encounter lag problems I can switch over to Ping Plotter to see where the problem originates. For this, I usually set my frequency to 1 or 2 seconds. <br><br>Hope that helps! <br><br>Pete<br><br>


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