Empty "Address to trace" behavior - logged as defect (thanks!)

Blank entry in history - logged as defect.

New graph showing old graph's data - I'll have a look at this one.

Defaulting to NT/2000 (high performance) is something I looked at. The problem is when someone uses the same install for multiple operating systems (network - or multi-boot). If you have the NT/2000 option on under 95/98/ME, it pretty much locks up the system. This is such a violent result that I don't want it to accidentally happen. There are a handful of other factors that made me decide that it was better to default to 10ms accuracy - and then allow someone to change. Other comments on this are welcome.

The way the timegraphs update when scrolling is new. Previously, the graphs were all forced to update every time your cursor moved. Now, a Windows message is sent to the graphs and they are updated as soon as there is CPU time. Installing a faster computer will make them update smoother <img src="/forums/images/icons/wink.gif" alt="" /> .

Column resizing - dashed line stuff. This is a long-standing issue (since Ping Plotter 2.03) - and one I've not found an easy good solution for. I've not looked at this for about a year, though - so maybe I'll revisit it before release.

Tray icon double-clicking. There tray icon logic is all new (don't ask ...). No promises here, but we'll look at it.

History - this is because deleting a host doesn't remove it from the list - it just shortens the count and removes that host. So if you go through a big deleting stint, you'll see the count decreased, but you'll still see all the host "numbers" populated.

Route changes - these comments / suggestions (except for the duplicate one) can be looked at for the next release. Most of this is possible, but we need to save some features for next release, right?

On the ability to scroll history - I'll have a look at this and see what impact it will have.

Thanks for the feedback!